Timber Gates

At Jacksons we manufacture a range of timber gates suited for a range of commercial and residential applications.

As with all our timber products, our timber gates are constructed from Jakcure® pressure treated wood. This unique process allows us to offer a 25 year guarantee, making them the best performing long term solution for commercial applications. Our timber gates include courtyard gates, universal/field gates, traditional entrance gates and garden gates to match all our timber fence panels and traditional fencing styles.

Our timber gates are designed to suit different applications and requirements. Sliding gates are an ideal solution to swing gates when there may be limited space at an entrance to open and close. Swing gates can be a great choice for smaller entrances or where there is insufficient space for a sliding gate to have a run back. 

When automating your timber gate it is important to ensure you have the relevant safety devices in place to make it safe. If you are unsure you can learn more about gate safety here.

Our timber gates come with a range of options including: 

  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Single or double leaf 
  • Sliding or tracked

  • Our Timber Gate Range

  • Timber Entrance and Driveway Gates: Our timber gates are ideal for entrances and driveways, offering privacy and security as well as a range of options including automatic operation, single or double leaf and sliding or tracked.
  • Uni Gates: Uni gates feature an extra heavy top rail for increased strength making them a great solution in agricultural and commercial applications. 
  • Courtyard Gates: variety of styles, designed to provide security and privacy to any driveway. Our courtyard gates featured galvanised steel frames to prevent twisting.
  • Timber Sliding Gates: Our sliding gates are a great alternative to swing gates where space may be limited. 
  • Garden Gates: Our range of gardens gates are made to match our styles of garden fence panels and traditional fencing.
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