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'Specialist' security fencing helps bowling club celebrate centenary

'Specialist' security fencing helps bowling club celebrate centenary
It is hoped that sophisticated security fencing will help a bowling club clamp down on vandals as it celebrates 100 years of community involvement with news of sporting success.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Bullough Moor bowling club has suffered regular attacks from vandals, attacking the pristine green with golf clubs and damaging the clubhouse.

"It has got to the point where every time you come down, something new has been damaged. It's been a nightmare," Mick Riordan, club secretary, told the newspaper.

It is now hoped that "specialist security fencing" will end the attacks and keep the club going strong.

After all, it has a lot to shout about. Bullough Moor's junior first team won the A division, losing just one game all season, and even helped the adult team to win this year's Albany Cup. Several of its players have won significant accolades, too.

Chairman Rick McLean told the newspaper that the club's importance to the town should not be undervalued.

"The club has been a big part of the town's social and sporting life. We used to have a lot more members but we are still doing well," he said.

Date: 01/10/2010 11:36:35

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