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A Specifier’s Guide to Jacksons Fencing RIBA CPD Training

For RIBA Chartered Members, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is mandatory, helping you stay competent, professional and capable in your role. Ongoing development is essential in enhancing the skills of architects so they can take on new specialisms while facing current challenges and preparing for new projects.

According to RIBA, what you can do as part of your CPD is flexible. Architects must undertake 35 hours of learning each year (equivalent to 45 minutes per week) and, for an activity to count towards this, you are required to learn something that is relevant to you as a professional.

Although your CPD doesn’t need to be accredited by RIBA, it’s recommended to only learn from RIBA-approved courses, which guarantees that you are taking on training of the highest quality. Jacksons Fencing is proud to be part of the RIBA CPD Providers Network and offers a list of RIBA-approved CPD seminars for clients across the UK.

Best practice in key fencing sectors

CPDs from Jacksons Fencing has been designed to give a comprehensive overview of fencing and gates to keep architects up to date with the best practices in the industry. Our training covers the key fencing sectors of: perimeter security, gate safety, acoustic barriers, timber treatment and fencing for schools.

A Guide to Appropriate and Effective Perimeter Security
This seminar gives guidance on the best perimeter security products available, along with vital factors to consider when specifying the most appropriate security solution for your sites. Learn about the design, installation and maintenance of security fencing, gates and vehicle barriers.

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Gate Automation, Legislation and Safety, Why Take the Risk?
Focusing on how architects can specify automated gates and barriers that deliver the right level of performance, along with the required compliance, standards and legislation. This seminar also highlights the key considerations for different types of gates, operating systems and their application.

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Acoustic Barriers to Environmental Noise Pollution
Noise pollution is an issue of growing importance for the public and this seminar discusses the choice and specification of acoustic barriers to mitigate noise. Learn about sources of environmental noise, key legislation and details of noise-reduction solutions.

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How to Specify the Correct Class of Treated Timber for Buildings and Outdoor Applications
Providing an insight into timber usage for external works, its benefits, the timber-treatment process and the range of methodologies to deliver an enhanced service life. This presentation also covers the different classes of timber.

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How to Specify Risk-Appropriate Fencing and Gates in the Education Environment
This seminar explores the various designs of fencing suitable for education sites, from perimeter security to protection of play areas. Architects can find out how to balance security with aesthetic considerations and how to specify the correct level of security for varying levels of risk.

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The Benefits of CPD from Jacksons Fencing

RIBA-approved Continuing Professional Development from Jacksons Fencing has a range of benefits for Chartered Members, including:

  • Structured learning with clear learning aims
  • Learning is delivered in concise but comprehensive 1-hour sessions
  • It can be completed during lunch breaks so that day-to-day work isn’t interrupted
  • Learning is scheduled to accommodate staff availability
  • Our CPD is available to architectural practices across the UK

The seminars are part of the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum and certificates will be issued on completion.

Booking your CPD session is simple: all you need to do is visit this page and complete the short form at the foot of the page. A CPD Co-ordinator will then contact you to arrange your booking.

Date: 18/10/2019 10:08:00

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