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How can acoustic fencing benefit your premises?

With the rising popularity of acoustic fencing, it’s clear that the product is proving to be an effective solution for a range of customers with varying needs. So what are the reasons for the increasing need for acoustic fencing, and what benefits can it bring?

As urban areas become more densely populated, the level of environmental noise increases; whether it’s a busy street, noisy neighbours, traffic or other infrastructure making the noise, the growing density of our cities has directly affected demand for noise barriers. Homeowners, city planners and commercial developers are all keen to limit noise with high-quality acoustic fencing.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), outdoor sound levels during the day should be around 50dBA to prevent people from becoming ‘moderately annoyed’, while a noise level under 30dBA is recommended during the night for undisturbed sleep. However, most day-to-day noise, for example a motorcycle or a pneumatic drill, exceed the WHO’s recommendations.

How does acoustic fencing work?

Acoustic fencing minimises noise by creating a barrier of sufficient mass, height and density to disrupt and deflect the sound as it travels. While acoustic fencing can’t completely cancel out noise, in the ‘Shadow Zone’ - where the noise-cancelling is most effective - it can drastically reduce noise, creating a more peaceful environment, minimising disruption and, in some cases, raising property values.

What are the benefits of acoustic fencing?

Depending on the style, model and materials used, acoustic fencing can have a range of benefits:

  • Sound reduction: While the effectiveness varies based on the height, mass, design and material of the fence, even lighter acoustic boards such as those found in 12K Acoustic Envirofence can reduce noise levels noticeably.
  • Privacy: Whether it’s a commercial, residential or industrial property, acoustic fencing offers greater privacy as well reducing potential light pollution.
  • Style: Timber acoustic fencing offers both style and practicality; many noise barriers are designed to blend into their environment, or finished attractively to enhance the setting.
  • Quality: Ensure you’re buying from a manufacturer that installs your acoustic fencing solution using high quality timber products that have been noise tested and rated according to BS EN 1793 for acoustic barriers.

Jacksons designs and manufactures a range of acoustic barriers including Jakoustic® reflective, which uses heavy section-planed timber "V" boards to reflect noise, and Jakoustic® PLUS, which uses Rockwool fibre and a protective membrane to offer improved soundproofing in confined areas. All Jakcure-treated fencing comes with a unique 25-year Jakcure® treatment guarantee and we’ll work with you to deliver advice, guidance and expertise at every stage.

To find out more about our Jakoustic® noise barriers or see our complete range of acoustic fencing solutions, click here. To learn more about managing noise pollution and acoustic fencing, download our e-guide and factsheet here.

Date: 05/10/2017 09:17:00

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