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Managing traffic flow on your school site

The perimeter of your school is often the most vulnerable part of your site, yet it needs to keep staff and students safe inside while controlling access to outsiders.

Managing traffic flow on your school site is a crucial part of any perimeter security strategy ? and a variety of features, such as traffic calming measures, can help with this. Before choosing a product, think about:

  • Level and hours of use - Is there a peak time for cars, i.e. immediately before and after school hours?
  • Speed limits - Should certain areas have more stringent speed restrictions than others, such as the car park?
  • The types of vehicles visiting your school - Are delivery trucks or buses coming onto school grounds?

Pedestrian safety should be one of your most important considerations when exploring your traffic flow options. You can choose from:

  • Guardrails and turnstiles - Segregating pedestrians from vehicles to ensure the safety of both while travelling around the site
  • Traffic calming measures - This can take the form of physical features, such as speed bumps and surface treatments, or sign enhancements
  • Bollards and height restriction barriers - Providing visual access to your school site while controlling physical access ? thoughtful spacing will support their effectiveness

Want to find out more about how traffic control measures can help your school? Download our best practice guide to designing a perimeter security strategy.

Date: 09/03/2017 16:13:00

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