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Protecting Buttons Pre-School with Jacksons’ fencing and gates

Safeguarding is an incredibly important consideration for any education site, but now Buttons Pre-School in Kent is secure with Jacksons’ fencing and gate solutions.

The new family centre, a £1m development by charity Fegans and contractor Beacon Group, replaces outdated facilities with a modern building that meets the needs of staff and children.

As the pre-school is located on a busy road, safety and security was key. 55 metres of Jacksons’ bespoke Sentry® fencing, offering both anti-climb and anti-trap properties, secures the perimeter in a visually bold maroon red, which matches Buttons Pre-School’s colours for a welcoming appearance. Complemented by manual double-leaf gates in the same colour, the fencing allows visual access while safeguarding pupils and accommodates the pre-school’s sloped environment with stepped cranked fence posts, which were designed for the project.

The fencing was hot dip galvanised using our powder coating process, ensuring that Buttons Pre-School is guaranteed the safety and security it needs for many years to come.

‘Jacksons Fencing did a great job supplying us with both types of fencing,’ said Jane Williams, Buttons Pre-School Supervisor, ‘It meets the safety needs of the school but doesn’t compromise the overall design. It looks great!’

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Date: 07/04/2017 11:50:00

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