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'Beast of Bolton' spotted vaulting security fencing

'Beast of Bolton' spotted vaulting security fencing
A mysterious big cat in a Lancashire town has been spotted vaulting security fencing in its latest sighting.

According to the Bolton News, the animal, known locally as the Beast of Bolton, has been spotted three times in recent weeks.

The cat, likened to a panther, was seen by resident Barbara Cooke, when she was working at a garden centre that looks out onto grassland.

"I was working in the polytunnel in the nursery part of the garden centre when I saw an animal leaping around in the tall grass," she told the newspaper.

She explained that her dog ran out in pursuit of the beast, but it ran off into an enclosure that had security fencing.

"By the time I got outside, it had gone," she told the newspaper.

"It must have climbed over the fence."

A policeman has also claimed to have seen the elusive beast running at "incredible speed".

However, another resident, Carol Holden, thinks the animal may in fact be her tomcat, Whiskers.

Earlier this month, a big cat was also spotted in Banbury, climbing over security fencing at a golf club.ADNFCR-3337-ID-800161107-ADNFCR

Date: 27/10/2010 15:36:32

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