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'Big cat' seen jumping over fence

'Big cat' seen jumping over fence
A man has claimed he saw what looked like a big cat jump over security fencing at a golf club in Banbury.

According to the Banbury Guardian, several greenkeepers at Cherwell Edge Golf Course, near Chacombe, have reported seeing the so-called Beast of Banburyshire.

Danny Hastie, who said he was "quite shocked" at seeing the big cat, which is thought to be a puma, told the newspaper: "I was out on the course and it just bundled out of a tree about three feet away.

"Then it just ran off and jumped over a fence. My mate thought it was a dog, but I told him no way could a dog have been that far up a tree."

Danny Bamping, a spokesperson for the British Big Cats Society, told the newspaper that bad weather tended to encourage big cats to enter public areas.

"Big cats are having to take more risks to get food in weather like this, that's why people are seeing them in places like golf courses," he said.

"Based on the description I would say it sounds like a puma."

According to Big Cats in Britain, most of the animals are jet-black in colour.

Date: 13/10/2010 12:15:23

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