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Security fencing making public facilities safer

Security fencing making public facilities safer
Security fencing can prove effective in deterring crime at public sites.

This week, for example, it has been reported that an allotment in Henley will install security fencing to prevent vandalism and intrusion by animals.

According to the Henley Standard, a 1.9 metre fence, adjoined with rabbit wire, will be deployed at Waterman's allotments in the Reading Road area of the city.

Alongside deterring anti-social behaviour, the fence will block deer from entering the land – they have been damaging produce.

The fencing, which will cost £3,200, was approved by members of Henley Town Council's recreation and amenities committee.

Earlier this month it was reported that security fencing will be put up at a bowling green in Manchester to clamp down on vandalism. The Manchester Evening News reported that the clubhouse had been damaged and grass attacked with golf clubs.

"It has got to the point where every time you come down, something new has been damaged. It's been a nightmare," Mick Riordan, club secretary, told the newspaper.

Date: 04/10/2010 14:45:15

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