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Download Jacksons Insight on Perimeter Security for Independent Schools

Download Jacksons Insight on Perimeter Security for Independent Schools

Jacksons Fencing, the leading designer, manufacturer and installer of perimeter protection and access control solutions has produced a useful Insight paper on perimeter security considerations for independent schools, based on an interview with Peter Jackson, our Chief Executive.

Security risks are broadly similar across all schools whether independent or state funded preventing unauthorised entry to the grounds, protecting pupils, staff and visitors from accidents and injury. Naturally, boarding schools face additional duties of care and attendant risk where staff and pupils will need to be maintained during and after school hours with different safety and security regimes in operation for each.

The Insight paper covers:
  • Sector overview
  • Risk identification
  • Common security mistakes
  • Appropriate product specification

Specification documents

The Jacksons website provides extensive product information including detailed specification documents and line drawings. These are available to download from our library.

Date: 23/02/2016 12:29:00

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