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School safety and security best practice

Download Jacksons White Paper on school safety and security best practice 

Appropriate boundary protection and access control design are critical elements in effecting a safe and secure school environment.From the fencing around its perimeter to the main entrance gates, pupils, staff and visitors get a clear impression of a schools' commitment to safety and security well before entering its grounds.

As an architect, specifier, facilities manager or bursar involved in making design and purchase decisions in the education sector, we invite you to access our Schools Safety and Security white paper covering best working practice around school safety and security.  

As designer, manufacturer and installer of over 5,000 timber and steel security fencing solutions to the education sector over the past 10 years alone, we are delighted to share our expertise, insights and guidance on current best practice and standards which apply to such a demanding environment.  


The white paper covers a range of topics including:

  • Overview on covering safety and security considerations in the education environment
  • Matching appropriate boundary protection to the level of risk
  • Security audits
  • Guidance on specifying the correct level of security around a school environment for varying levels of risk
  • General guidelines
  • Demarcation and controlling the safe flow of people and vehicles 
  • Fencing and gates for schools with lower and standard risks
  • Fencing and gates for schools in higher risk areas 
  • Advice on best practice 

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