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Diamond Theft Proves Physical Security Prevails

Diamond Theft Proves Physical Security Prevails
The spectacular £30m diamond heist at Brussels airport earlier this week, has highlighted the over-riding importance of regularly monitoring the perimeter protection solution for a high profile site to ensure it remains up to date and well equipped to deal with any threat to site security.

The reality is that with the right physical security measures in place, the perpetrators of the biggest diamond theft in recent years would never have been able to cut through the fence which provided them with access to the plane housing the jewels bound for Zurich, claims leading high security physical security specialist Jacksons.

British company Jacksons – which designs, manufactures and supplies quality timber and steel security fencing solutions -  has invested heavily in the high security sector, and not only offers the widest portfolio of government approved fencing products but is also the only fencing designer / manufacturer to achieve the highest accreditation for one of its products  (Trident Xtreme 4) – an ultra high security fence which would have been more than capable of thwarting the thieves efforts to break down the physical defences at the airport.

The pioneering Trident Xtreme 4 (a Secured by Design vertical steel fence) offers the maximum level of protection (Government tested and approved at the highest level) and the welded semi-pale-through-rail construction which incorporates Securi-Mesh has been proven to withstand the most extreme and aggressive forms of attack thanks in part to its unique blade trap technology which is effective against powered and non contact cutting tools.

The steel fence can delay an attack by in excess of the government requirement of 3 minutes (it actually achieves 3min 34 seconds and this product combined with one of Jacksons’ advanced Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (P.I.D.S) would have delivered a far more appropriate level of security commensurate with such a high risk site.

Commenting on the airport attack, Chief Executive Richard Jackson says “The threats to site security are constantly evolving and we are witnessing a growing aggressive array of tactics employed by the modern day determined intruder.  The incident at the airport on Monday highlights two major factors which should be considered at any high-risk application.  Firstly, the need for a rolling risk assessment programme to constantly review the changing challenges to the existing security architecture.  Secondly, the requirement to seek out the latest and most up to date solutions designed to overcome the most determined attacks on site security.  At Jacksons, our in-house design capability, combined with manufacturing expertise and security market intelligence enables us to respond quickly to the ever-changing needs of the sector.  We will continue to roll out bespoke products specifically designed to withstand the increasingly sophisticated methods of attack that are being adopted by today’s criminals”.

Date: 22/02/2013 16:36:00

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