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Jacksons Fencing acoustic barrier system receives CE marking

Jacksons Fencing has become the first and only UK company to offer a CE mark on a comprehensive timber acoustic barrier system, with its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highway range, type tested by BSI to BS EN 14388:2005 in both reflective and absorptive variants.

CE marking to BS EN 14388:2005 is a statutory requirement of all European Highways authorities for the supply and installation of acoustic barriers designed to reduce and mitigate road traffic noise. Following extensive type testing and validation, the Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway system can be more widely specified in projects throughout the UK.

While other manufacturers’ individual components, for example posts or panel infills may be CE marked, for an acoustic barrier to be CE marked, the whole system, including posts, panels, fixings, construction and installation, will have to be successfully tested. The other critical requirement for CE marking is that the overall system is supported by a Declaration of Performance (DoP), a document confirming the manufacturer’s proven performance of a product and its ability to meet or exceed the declared data.

In accordance with Highways England requirements, the timber parts of the Jakoustic® Commercial and Highways system conform to a 30 year desired service life as per BS EN 8417 and is backed by a unique and comprehensive 25-year timber treatment guarantee.

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Date: 09/05/2019 10:14:00

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