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How to choose automated security gates

How to choose automated security gates

When you upgrade your perimeter security, it’s important to choose solutions that control access to your site effectively – such as automated gates and barriers.

Automated gates can help ensure that your site remains secure at all times and allow you to properly control who is entering the premises. Along with protecting your assets from theft and vandalism, there are other benefits to automation too. For instance, gates often span a large opening and can be too heavy to operate by hand – not to mention dangerous when you take into account wind loading. Automated gates can alleviate the headache of manually opening and closing gates every time you or visitors wish access your site.

So what should you consider when choosing a gate automation solution?

  • Current traffic levels: how often will your gate or barrier will be expected to operate in a 24 hour period? And how often at peak times?

  • Future traffic levels: if your premises is set to expand in the next few years then the level of traffic may increase, which could affect your choice.

  • The type of backup you need: if the gate is critical to the site’s operation, it needs a battery backup in case of power failure. If it will be a non-critical gate, manual operation should be fitted as standard.

  • Who is accessing your site: are people accessing your site both on foot and in vehicles? Install separate gates or turnstiles to ensure pedestrian safety.

  • Any other measures: for a larger site, consider CCTV and alarm systems for 24 hour monitoring.

These are just a few things to bear in mind when exploring your automation options – work with an installation expert to find the right solution for your site and visit our gate automation page for more information.

Date: 06/07/2017 09:10:00

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