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New security fencing to replace damaged fence

New security fencing to replace damaged fence
New security fencing is to go up in place of a damaged fence which has become a "hotspot" for anti-social behaviour in Flintshire, Wales.

The fence, which is located in a residential area in Saltney, has become so badly damaged that it is now dangerous to be around and poses a health and safety risk to people, reported the Flintshire Chronicle.

Both Saltney Town Council and Flintshire County Council have put together a total of £5,460 to build the new chain-link fencing which will stretch 70 metres.

Brian Weston, a local resident, sang the praises of both councils. He told the newspaper: "I would like to thank the town councillors who visited the site and saw what young people were doing, throwing stuff at the fence, and that was with a group of adults nearby."

Recently a group of bowlers in Hull refused to pay membership to their club until the security fencing was improved after sections of it were stolen.

Date: 23/05/2011 16:53:06

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