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Performance that lasts: The importance of maintenance in security solutions

Performance that lasts: The importance of maintenance in security solutions

Installing high-quality security fencing is a good step to improving your site security, however, without regular evaluation your security solution isn’t going to perform at its best. No matter the material or fence type - they all need regular maintenance to keep you safe for years to come.

Regular and scheduled inspections are key to good physical perimeter security practice. Identifying changes as soon as they appear is crucial, as even the slightest alteration can impact on that item’s security integrity; litter, debris and dirt should be regularly removed from surfaces to allow for a clear view of the fence’s condition, and all repairs should be logged accurately in a Condition Report.

Similarly, gates, turnstiles, barriers and blockers require regular testing and checking for mechanical wear and tear, both to maintain operational efficiency and also to ensure the safety of anyone entering or exiting the site.

Particular attention should be paid to the safe operation of gates and barriers, as they are classed as machinery and are covered by legislation which requires the facility’s occupier to ensure the machinery is in full working order at all times.

While it might sound obvious, always bear in mind that just because a product is still functioning (or, not faulty), that doesn’t mean that it’s working properly. Scheduling regular inspections, tests and checks not only ensures the safety of yourself and others, but also guarantees your perimeter security lasts as long as it should, performing at optimum levels.

Without the right maintenance, you could end up with dangerous, malfunctioning gates or fencing, landing you with unnecessary costs at best and serious danger at worst. To find out more about Jacksons security performance maintenance, and the 25-year guarantee available on many of our products, click here.

Date: 03/08/2017 09:00:00

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