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Protecting Commercial Premises: Jacksons’ Top Tips

Protecting Commercial Premises: Jacksons’ Top Tips

When it comes to site security for commercial premises such as warehouses, industrial units, storage facilities and retail parks, there are many additional challenges to the common-sense approach you might adopt for say a residential property. Securing large sites with heavy traffic against theft, arson or hate crimes and ensuring the safety of those on site can be complex, so we’ve put together these top tips to help make things a little easier.

1. Risk Assessment

First and foremost, you need to access the likely risks to your site. Warehouses containing large quantities of finished goods or components are likely to need increased protection against theft, while for industrial units and retail operations sited close to residential dwellings additional consideration will need to be given to noise pollution and privacy alongside security.

When assessing your site, conduct frequent walk-throughs analysing every access point, including the obvious and less used, quieter or unlit areas. Identify the weakest points of the perimeter and ensure they are reinforced. As an additional security measure consider background checks on staff to ensure you really know as much as you can about those on site.

2. Increase Privacy

To maximise privacy both for your business and your neighbours, choose fencing that is high enough to reduce direct line of sight from neighbouring properties.

It’s worth bearing in mind the aesthetics of your fencing choice to avoid creating a fortress-like appearance for your site so that it blends into the neighbourhood rather than standing out as a potential target.

3. Reduce Noise

Some commercial sites, for example urban supermarkets and repair facilities, are busy places with high levels of vehicular traffic movements throughout the day and night, which can prove to be a nuisance to residents of neighbouring properties.

Investing in an effective timber acoustic barrier will not only provide your site with attractive and durable perimeter security, but also limits noise egress from site operations like unloading vehicles, power generators, waste compactors etc.

4. Control Access

The control of pedestrian and vehicle access and egress, along with the means to monitor who is on site at any time is key to safe, secure and efficient operations. Create secure access points at pedestrian entry points, car parks and goods entrances and back them up with a robust security protocol to control access.

Using technology can help keep a commercial site secure, for example the use of turnstiles, electronic entry systems, automated gates and barriers and CCTV allow you to control and monitor site traffic and restrict it to authorised movements only.

5. Visual Deterrence

Part of the 5 D’s of perimeter security is ‘deter’, so consider using warnings and visible security measures including CCTV, PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems) and lighting to displace the threat. Today, alongside the usual steel security fencing systems, you can specify LPS 1175 certified fencing and gates constructed entirely in timber and in timber and steel combinations for sites not wanting to advertise its security capabilities.

Jacksons offer a wide range of security solutions for the perimeter protection of commercial sites. From pedestrian turnstiles, rising arm barriers, PAS 68 crash rated fences, bollards and blockers to acoustic security fencing and steel mesh and vertical bar fencing, with matching manual or automated gates and speed gates. With the widest range of LPS 1175 certified fencing and gate systems from SR1 to SR5 rating, we can help to ensure your premises are safe and secure - from initial site vulnerability assessment through installation to maintenance and repair.

To see some examples of our work on commercial sites read our case studies or, to find out about our commercial security solutions, view our commercial property area.

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Date: 12/12/2017 11:54:00

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