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Specifying security solutions: The ratings you need to know

Specifying security solutions: The ratings you need to know

Creating an effective security strategy is key for any type of location, from schools to data centres, infrastructure projects to housing developments.

The right combination of security products and solutions can make all the difference – but how can you make sure you’re making the right choice?

Checking the certifications of a product is a great start, and in the case of security solutions, you should look out for LPS 1175 and Secured by Design.

LPS 1175 gives an indication of the level of resistance a product has against a potential intruder who is attempting to breach a building’s defences. With security ratings from SR1 (low risk) to SR8 (extreme risk), LPS 1175 is a good measure of how long a product can withstand attack – and by what methods.

If you’re exploring your security options, think about the type of site you need to protect and what kind of threats it may face, as this will help you to select products with an appropriate level of security rating. For instance, if you need to secure a data centre or utility site, you may decide to choose an SR4 or SR5 rated product as this will provide a relatively strong level of resistance against attack.

Secured by Design, an official police security initiative, is another certification to consider. If a product is Secured by Design, it means it has passed police-recognised standards that test a product’s effectiveness in preventing or reducing crime.

Jacksons Fencing is a member of Secured by Design and many of our fencing and gates are LPS 1175 certified, providing you with peace of mind. For more information about how our security rated products can secure your site, click here.

Date: 22/06/2017 09:10:00

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