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Specifying Jacksons

Specifying Jacksons - quality and customer service throughout the process

Jacksons Fencing ISO Quality LogoJacksons Fencing is an ISO 9001 certified company and obsessive about quality across every facet of our business. We aim to make your experience with us as rewarding as possible, from initial enquiry to site visit, estimating, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation.

A can-do attitude backed by a will-do resolve

Whether you're in Kuala Lumpa, Kampala, Kentucky, Kiev or Kettering, you'll find our experienced team focussed on giving you the best advice backed by the best products and solutions. It's more than just a can-do attitude; it's backed by a Jacksons will-do resolve. The team of 250 located at our HQ in Ashford (Kent), Bath and Chester are here to serve you and to bring their time and expertise to your project.

Our UK sales team alone has in excess of 100 years of combined experience across a vast range of projects from the simple to the extraordinary; their role is to provide informed advice on your project and to prepare budget quotations to your specifications. The sales team is supported by our Tenders department and our team of Fencing Managers located throughout the UK who will carry out detailed site surveys to ensure that the design parameters are accurate and that a detailed cost estimate can be provided.

Cad Drawing for Specifying

CAD. Turning your ideas into a practical reality

Once your outline specifications are received by our experienced CAD team, they will start the process of designing your fence or gate down to the last detail taking topography of the site and any special design features you require into account - from additional security enhancements to one-off finishes, finials or corporate identity.

Only when the final plans and CAD drawings have been approved, will manufacturing begin.

Manufacturing. Where craft and technology come together.

Our manufacturing facility employs both traditional production methods and the latest computer aided Welding a metal fence togethertechnology.

With the use of robotic technology, we are able to produce standard fence panels and gates accurately and efficiently, resulting in shorter lead times while maintaining high standards of quality. All products destined for powder coating are first hot dip galvanised to BS EN 1461 then hand ‘fettled' for a quality finish and thoroughly cleaned before being powder coated in our state of the art facility to BS EN 13438.

Our highly proficient steel-working craftsmen work on all bespoke designs using their skills and experience alongside high technology machinery for greater accuracy and consistent quality.

Inherently Safe, Inherently Secure, Inherently Durable

Child safe fencing

Specify Jacksons for safety

All Jacksons vertical bar railing type fencing and gates conform to UK Building Regulations for anti-trap with a 100mm pale gap as standard, which means you can specify Jacksons fencing for any application without public safety concerns.

In addition, our RoSPA approved Anti-trap Bow Top fencing, Play Time ranges and self-closing gates meet BS EN 1176 play fence standards and are ideal for applications where children may be present including schools, play areas, parks and around other potential hazards.

All of our automated steel sliding and swing gate designs are CE certified and comply with the EU Machinery Directive. In today's increasingly legislated and litigious society, safety is a prime consideration when specifying products. At Jacksons, we design safety into our products to lighten the burden of that responsibility from your shoulders.

Specify Jacksons for security

Fence Security Top

Jacksons fencing and gates are designed to provide secure enclosures, whether as secure attractive demarcation or, in the extreme, to prevent forced or unauthorised entry or exit.

Our Barbican, Sentry and Ornamental ranges all feature a welded pale-through-rail construction which is not only inherently strong but also gives a better finish with no visible joints or unsightly bolts. Unlike generic riveted steel palisade fencing, our solutions cannot be easily forced apart. To view a simple demonstration click here.

Secured by design for fencing logoPart of the development process in the design of our higher security fencing systems includes in-house trials and testing to destruction. This process informs the refinement of design and specification of materials to ensure we can offer precisely the right type of fencing for different levels of security and against a wide variety of threats.

Jacksons Fencing is a Secured by Design Licensed Company and was the first company to have its high security fencing systems tested and approved by Government using the latest most aggressive attack tools and methods.

Approved fencing systems today include:

Government Tested and Approved:
- Trident Xtreme 4
- Trident Xtreme 3
- Trident Xtreme 3XM
- Trident Jakoustic Xtreme 3 (based on our timber acoustic fencing system)
- Trident Jakoustic Xtreme 2 (based on our timber acoustic fencing system)

LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) Tested and Approved:
- Jakoustic LPS3 at security rating 3

K-12 Crash Rating:
Linebacker Crash Fence and gate system (scalable from K-4)

PAS 68:
Linebacker SF, the first shallow foundation crash fence to pass PAS 68 (7.5 tonnes at 50mph)

For more information on our high/ultra-high security solutions, please contact Cris Francis.

Specify Jacksons for the environment and longevity

As a company, we are actively looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint across our entire business from energy consumption to the impact of our production processes. Part of this concern for the environment is manifest in the products we manufacture. We believe that by making products with a long life expectancy, we make a positive contribution not only to our Customers, but also to the world in which we live. From the quality of raw materials used, through the galvanising process to BS EN 1461, to powder coating to BS EN 13438 (we are currently one of only 5 approved Akzo Nobel approved Interpon applicators in the UK) and construction to in excess of BS EN1722 standards, every Jacksons product is designed to deliver best in class performance, low maintenance and lowest lifetime cost; and in consequence, the best value on the market.

We're so confident in the quality of our products that we are able to offer class leading guarantees to underwrite our assertion.

Metal Guarantee for 25 year logo25 Year Service Life Guarantee

On steel fencing and gates covering all inherent defects such as design, manufacturing, finish and fitness for purpose. If any problems occur during the lifetime of the guarantee, which are not the result of acts of vandalism, accidental damage, operator misuse or unsuitable operating environments, we will replace the item free of charge (excludes locks, bearings, rollers and other parts subject to wear and tear).

Timber product logo25 year Jakcure® Guarantee

The Jakcure Process represents the ultimate in modern softwood preservation. The process conforms to BS 8417 and gives lasting protection - above and below ground - against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

Automated Product guarantee logo25 month Automation Guarantee

All automation products supplied and installed by Jacksons are covered by a 25 month parts and labour guarantee, subject to a service contract being taken out in the second year. If any problems occur during the lifetime of the guarantee, which are not the result of acts of vandalism, accidental damage, operator misuse or unsuitable operating environments, we will replace it free of charge, including the cost of installation.

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