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Access Control Devices

card reader 1200 x 900

Access Control Devices

Controlling access to areas

Our access control systems provide the means to control the operation of our automated products, for example to send a signal to open or close an automated gate or raise or lower a traffic barrier.

In addition we also offer a range of additional safety devices that will allow you to augment standard features or to tailor your automation and access control to suit your application.

  • Anti Vandal Photo Cells

    Anti vandal photocells

    Infra-red beams of light that when interrupted will signal an action, e.g. stop the gate from moving.

  • Key Switches

    Key Switch

    Sends a signal to a device to switch on or off, open or close.

  • Card Reader

    Card Reader

  • Keypad

    Key Pad

  • Stainless Steel Push Buttons

    Stainless steel push buttons

    One way (open or close only) or two way versions (open and close)

  • Video Intercom

    Video Intercom

    Voice/ video link between gate and handset featuring a release button for the gate.

  • Proximity Reader

    Proximity Reader

    Electric reader activated by pre-programmed coin like disc or card

  • Audio Intercom

    Standard Audio Intercom

    Voice link between gate and handset.

  • Maglock


    Powered closing lock, very strong and discreet to hold securely in the hold position.

  • Safety Light

    Safety Light

    Will flash with gate movement for added safety and awareness.

  • Safety Edges

    Safety Edge

    Rubber safety profile detection contact to higher safety level, will stop gate movement when activated.

  • Time Lock

    Time Lock

    Pre-programmed times can be set for events

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