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The Beaufort standard automatic bollard represents a new generation access control solution. Many design innovations make it easy to handle and install but best of all its performance is market leading and lifetime costs exceptionally competitive. Activated by any access control system or signalling device, it is an alternative solution to fixed posts and barriers, allowing regulation of traffic into certain zones with high vehicle flow, (e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and industrial sites and many more). Available with a diameter of 275mm, and a height of 600mm or 800mm.

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Automatic Hydraulic bollards

These are high-end bollards and Jacksons special Beaufort range represents the best of a generation in control solution. The barriers have been tweaked to introduce a host of design innovations, making them easy to handle and install. The Beaufort range performance makes it a market leader and it will represent great value for money over its lifetime. Activated by any access control system or signalling device, the bollards act on command and are a different option from the fixed post or barriers that are used elsewhere.

They can allow access to certain zones around a compound which sees high vehicle flow. The current range of the Beaufort range is available with a diameter of 275mm and a height of 600mm or 800mm. This can be altered should you require a different size and shape. Having them all operated from a central control panel will allow you to manage the vehicles coming on to a premise. This commitment to providing the best quality products is testament to Jacksons' desire for putting the customer first.

Automatic Rising Bollard

Beaufort 275/600
Beaufort 275/800
Drive Hydraulic Hydraulic
 Rising time  Circa 5 secs  Circa 7 secs
Descent time  Circa 2.8 secs  Circa 3.5 secs
 Power Consumption  220 W  220 W


The Beaufort automatic concealed traffic bollard has fully integrated hydraulic technology for heavy duty usage. With a standard descent time of 2.8 seconds, there is an extra setting that activates the emergency release valve and allows a decent time of just 1 second. 

Fixed Bollard

Cylinder height 600mm/800mm
Cylinder diameter 275mm
Cylinder material Steel FE 360