Stainless Steel Bollards

Ideally suited for demarcation applications, the stainless steel bollard standard is 1.4 metre long bollard with a domed or sloping top is produced from 304 grade stainless steel presented in a polished stain finish as standard.  Other bollard sizes are also available.  As with all Jacksons bollard products, the new stainless steel version represents an impressive low lifetime cost courtesy of the unique Jacksons 25-year guarantee.

  • 304 grade stainless steel as standard
  • 316 grade option for marine or coastal environments


All bollards can be additionally reinforced for areas where they may be subject to damage with a single galvanised steel insert, doubling the rigidity of the bollard


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Stainless Steel Bollards Specification 

 Code Diameter Overall Height Nominal Height Out of Ground  Cap 
 138801F 101mm 1.4m 1.0m Flat
 138801D 101mm 1.4m 1.0m Domed
 138801S 101mm 1.4m 1.0m Sloped
138814F  114mm 1.4m 1.0m Flat
138829F 129mm 1.4m 1.0m Flat
138854F 154mm 1.4m 1.0m Flat
138868F 168mm 1.4m 1.0m Flat


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