Keep your premises safe and secure with our Anti Climb Fencing

Anti Climb Fencing

Jacksons Anti Climb Fencing is specifically designed to prevent intruders from entering your premises or grounds. Our anti climb fencing comes in a range of styles and can provide a high security perimeter solution in a variety of applications. We have a range of fence types to suit your requirements, whether it's our unique and intimidating Tri-Guard® steel fencing in a residential or school application, or our secure but stylish Barbican® and Sentry anti climb fencing installed to protect commercial and high security sites. Fence spikes and toppings can be added to most types of anti climb fencing for enhanced security.

Whatever your security needs, our anti climb fencing will keep your premises safe and secure.

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Barbican®: Barbican® fencing features pale through rail construction to provide a seamless and stylish fencing solution whilst also ensuring safety and security.

Barbican® Imperial: Barbican Imperial’s round pales provide a classic look with a less intimidating appearance and include the choice of finials and post tops, making it an ideal solution in residential areas.

Barbican® Extra: Barbican Extra features an additional pale through the top rail when compared with standard Barbican, providing additional security and ensuring hands or feet cannot gain purchase, making it impossible to climb.

Barbican® Barbed-Top: Barbican Barbed Top fencing features metal barbs welded on to the top of panels, providing a menacing and highly effective barrier and deterrent to intruders.

Barbican® Defender Xtreme: Barbican Defender Xtreme has curved top pales designed to prevent intruders climbing or scaling the fence. This intimidating look is complimented by tubular pales with increased wall thickness to provide additional strength.

Sentry®: Sentry fencing features a welded semi pale-through-rail construction to provide extra strength. Posts can be customised with Barbed Wire/ Razor Wire/ Rotor Spike for increased security.

Tri-Guard®: Tri-Guard features unique curved top pales set in groups of three, preventing intruders from scaling and climbing the fence.