Stadium Fencing and Security

Most stadiums act as multifunctional venues, hosting a variety of events for sports and entertainment. In places where thousands of people will be frequently congregating, security is a top priority.

A good security solution for stadiums should include:

  • Perimeter fencing
  • Protection of storage areas
  • Gates and access control into and around the grounds
  • Fencing for crowd separation
  • Bollards to demarcate pedestrian only areas    

Some of the products commonly installed in and around stadiums can be found below, or call our sales team for help and advice on 0800 408 2236.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Solutions

Some sites require tighter measures to ensure a higher level of protection, particularly public places with regular crowds. Our range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions PAS 68 crash rated bollards, bi-folding speed gates, manual arm barriers and road blockers.

HVM Solutions

Security Concerns for Stadiums

  • Fire and explosions
  • Terrorism, riots and vandalism
  • Managing access points
  • Protection of athletes, performers and staff