Common Applications for Solar Fence Panels

In the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions, solar power has emerged as a leading contender, offering clean and renewable electricity generation. While traditional solar panels on rooftops or in large solar farms are well-established, ongoing innovations are expanding the potential applications of solar technology. One such innovative solution gaining traction is our Jaksun solar fence panels. These panels not only function as traditional fencing but also incorporate solar energy harnessing capabilities, setting them apart from other solar fence panels on the market with their attractive design and absence of gaps; providing a solid, private, and useful fencing solution . Here we look at some of the applications and benefits of our wooden Jaksun solar fence panels. Securely fixed to the fence itself, concerns around the security of the fence and the need for an additional fence to protect the panels is diminished.

Domestic Gardens:

Ideal for large gardens with a south-facing fence run, our Jaksun solar fence panels are the perfect choice for maximising energy creation performance. In situations where rooftop installation is impractical and ground-mounted options are visually intrusive and take up too much space, these aesthetically pleasing panels seamlessly integrate into garden landscapes while efficiently harnessing solar energy. When considering in a Jaksun installation, remember that the whole fence does not need to be made up of the solar fence panels. We offer many styles of timber fence panels to complement the installation.

Parks and Estates:

Large estates or private parks with suitable fence installations facing south provide excellent opportunities for deploying our solar fence panels. While public parks may pose vandalism concerns, private properties can benefit from enhanced sustainability without compromising aesthetics. If a public installation is desired, an additional line of fencing such as tamper proof mesh can be installed in front of the panels, which still takes up significantly less space than traditional ground installations of solar panels.

Commercial Properties:

Businesses seeking to enhance sustainability efforts and meet green goals can leverage solar fence panels as an attractive and practical solution. Suitable for various commercial settings such as distribution centres, office facilities, industrial sites, data centres, and factories, these panels contribute to environmental responsibility while enhancing the visual appeal of the property and reputation of the company occupying the premises.

New Housing Developments:

Solar fence panels offer developers a convenient means to achieve green targets in new housing developments. Their ease of maintenance and repair during the developer warranty period makes them an attractive option compared to rooftop installations, ensuring sustainable energy integration without compromising on aesthetics.


By thinking about what your requirements for solar panels are, you can open up more possibilities and cases for solar fence panels. For example, in agricultural and rural community settings, solar-powered water pumps are used to pump water for irrigation and livestock. Secure fencing is also required in these surroundings, so pairing them solves two problems at once.

Hospitals, Care Homes, and Residential Communities:

Properties such as hospitals, care homes, and residential communities benefit from the visual appeal and environmental credentials of solar fence panels. These panels not only generate power but also convey a message of environmental stewardship, contributing to the overall wellbeing of the community.

Retail Sector:

Retail businesses such as pubs and fast food restaurants commonly have large energy demands for lighting, heating, cooling, and appliances. By installing solar panels in pub gardens, car parks, or alongside drive thrus, retailers can generate their own electricity, reducing their reliance on the grid and lowering energy bills over time.


Schools with large expanses of land; specifically areas where sports are not being played, can benefit from solar fence panels to help reduce their energy bill even just for one building or part of the site. Ideally, the fence could be situated within the main perimeter or around specific buildings.

By expanding the applications of solar technology through innovative solutions like our Jaksun solar fence panels, we can further advance towards a more sustainable future.


Often using timber fencing in their layout, zoos are good contenders for timber solar fence panels, installed around cafes and gift shops, or behind enclosures and animal houses where views are naturally blocked off.

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