UKCA Marking Regulations for Noise Barriers Alongside Road Infrastructure

Noise barriers for road infrastructure are products that fall under the Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020, the application of which is compulsory for products supplied to the GB market. Under this regulation, the letters ‘UKCA’ (previously 'CE' pre-Brexit) appear on many products that are traded in the UK. It shows that the manufacturer has checked these products meet safety, health or environmental requirements. It’s also an indicator of a product’s compliance with legislation.

UKCA marking under BS EN 14388:2005 is the official standard required by all the Highways authorities in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to allow the supply and installation of noise barriers for use in the reduction or mitigation of road traffic noise.

Who is responsible for ensuring noise barriers for roads are UKCA marked?

A common query relating to installing noise barriers for the purpose of reducing road noise is: Who is responsible for ensuring that they’re UKCA marked? This responsibility belongs to the party who is introducing the noise-reducing system for the final incorporation in road construction; for example, the company undertaking the construction works for a highways project.

The manufacturer of UKCA marked noise reducing barrier system is responsible for complying with the requirements of BS EN 14388:2005 by independent Type testing of the system (by providing required test results, calculations, installation instructions and maintenance manual) and factory production control. Once compliance is achieved, the manufacturer or his agent is responsible for retaining a Declaration of Conformity which entitles the manufacturer to affix the UKCA marking.

The person or organisation providing the installed system to the end user has to ensure that the supplier of UKCA marked noise barrier has fulfilled all the requirements as stated above and can demonstrate that the system has been properly installed.

What makes a UKCA Marked Noise Barrier?

It’s important to note that UKCA marking of a noise barrier isn’t a collection of test certificates and reports on individual components; rather, consideration is given to the full noise barrier system whose performance as a whole should be expected to meet the requirements for the road infrastructure.

UKCA marked single components that are combined to make a noise barrier are not considered a UKCA marked system unless the combination of post, panel, fixings and installation have been Type tested to BS EN 14388:2005. For example, a manufacturer of panels can have their panels Type tested to BS EN 14388-2005 and subject to passing; these panels can be UKCA marked along with the noise barrier system that they comprise. However, if the complete noise barrier system does not have the required Declaration of Performance and has not been Type tested, it cannot be UKCA marked.

The client should be assured by the system provider about the performance declared for the entire noise barrier they have purchased; they cannot be assured by partial declarations for single components.

UKCA marking and Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing is the first UK manufacturer of timber acoustic barriers which can UKCA mark both its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways Reflective system and Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways Absorptive system as compliant with the requirements of BS EN 14388:2005 relating to road traffic noise-reducing devices.

The barriers underwent successful type-testing and validation of both systems, including the posts, reflective and absorptive surfaces, fixings and installation method carried out by BSi and detailed in its report number 8765852 dated 8 March 2019.

This landmark achievement allows Jacksons Fencing to make an appropriate Declaration of Performance in relation to a number of characteristics defined in the ZA annex of BS EN 14388:2005, in support of the UKCA marking of its Jakoustic® Commercial & Highways barriers as road noise-reducing products under the Construction Products (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020.

To request a copy of the Declaration of Performance, please contact our sales team.

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