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Noise pollution is becoming an increasing concern, and it’s more than simply an annoyance – it can have a detrimental impact on health and wellbeing. Studies have found that even small increases in ambient sound can have a marked effect on modern living, and it’s something that’s getting harder to avoid. As population densities rise, people find themselves living and working closer to sources of noise – which can come from transit systems, businesses, or just from each other.

Acoustic fencing is widely used in industrial and commercial situations as an effective method of reducing the impact of operational noise. Acoustic fencing reduces the impact of environmental noise, by absorbing or reflecting sound. Frequently used to reduce the sonic footprint of traditionally noisy areas such as loading bays, transport hubs, and schools, it’s now becoming a popular choice in residential areas.

How does acoustic fencing work?

There are two main types of acoustic fencing: reflective and absorptive. Both are designed to interrupt the propagation of sound waves, resulting in a reduction of noise. A reflective noise barrier – as the name suggests – reflects sound waves away from the area that’s being protected from noise. Reflective noise barriers are straightforward to install, and highly effective for most applications. They work best in large, spaces, and are commonly installed as a single barrier to prevent sound waves from simply bouncing between multiple surfaces and amplifying the sound within the enclosed area.

Absorptive barriers trap and diffuse sound rather than reflecting it; these are generally used in situations where reflecting noise might not be practical, such as confined spaces around generators and air conditioning units. Absorptive acoustic barriers are often seen in pairs on opposite sides of roads and railways, as each one can work to absorb sound.

An attractive solution

In residential situations, reflective timber acoustic fencing is a popular and practical solution. With a similar appearance to tongue and groove fence panels, Jakoustic® Reflective fencing offers an attractive and extremely secure fence option that has the added benefit of reducing noise. Its flat profile offers an anti-climb barrier with no hand or footholds due to the absence of horizontal rails, and reduces noise by up to 28dB by reflecting sound from nearby sources, such as traffic, commercial properties, and schools. This also means that both sides of the fence have the same appearance, which is an advantage to both sets of neighbours.

The solid design has no gaps that sound could travel through, which by default also makes it a popular choice for increasing privacy. For a consistent and total solution, matching timber gates are also available, configured as pairs or singles to BS EN 1461 in swing or tracked sliding designs.

Built to last

Jacksons’ timber acoustic fencing is durable as well as attractive. Our Jakcure® pressure treatment process penetrates to the heart of the wood unlike traditional dip treating, which only treats the surface. Guaranteed for 25 years, it gives lasting protection to pests and all forms of rot, and exceeds the requirements of BS EN 599-1 and BS 8417 by 50%.

Our stainless steel fixings are equally durable, and are a key contributor to the lifetime of the product. Choosing high quality fixings ensures that no unsightly rust will spoil the look of the fence over time. Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic timber fencing is easy to install, requiring no special tools or preparations; and for fences two metres high and below, no spur post is required, so wooden posts easily blend in.

Noise pollution will only get worse over time. If you’re considering installing acoustic fencing, contact us and one of our acoustic fencing specialists will be happy to give you advice and answer your questions.

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