How our 25 Year Guarantees Work for Supply-Only Jobs

Purchasing fencing and gates can be a significant investment and should therefore come with a comprehensive guarantee, giving you complete confidence in your new perimeter and access solutions. Unfortunately, guarantees are one of the most overlooked factors when choosing a new fencing product, with many buyers not knowing how long their guarantee is, what it covers and its terms and conditions.

We believe that high-quality fencing should come with a high-quality guarantee. This is why we offer 25 year guarantees for timber and steel fencing and gates. Most manufacturers are unable to offer the same guarantee as they don’t undergo the same rigorous manufacturing process.

A quarter of a century is, of course, a very long time, but it’s not a lifetime guarantee – the product should last a minimum of 25 years. In addition, our low maintenance fencing is designed to require minimal upkeep. In the highly unlikely situation that your product fails in the 24th year, Jacksons will be committed to replace or repair it.

Here are the details of our three types of guarantees:

  • 25 Year Timber Guarantee – our unique Jakcure® process allows us to guarantee our timber products for 25 years. The ISO 9001-accredited method allows for deep penetration of preservative through total immersion and vacuum pressure.
  • 25 Year Service Life Guarantee – guarantees steel fencing and gates against inherent defects in their design, manufacturing, finish, or fitness for purpose.
  • 25 Month Automation Guarantee – a parts and labour guarantee covering our automation products, subject to a service contract being taken out in the second year.

We are often asked how our guarantees work for supply-only jobs – projects that aren’t installed by Jacksons Fencing installers. The short answer is that our 25 year guarantees are valid whether Jacksons or another company installs the product. However, this is dependent on a number of key factors, which we’ll outline below:

Follow our product installation instructions

We have installation instructions for our steel, timber and acoustic products. We have added steps into our instructions that make sure the fencing install is compliant with our guarantees.

Cutting timber – aftercare required

If timber posts or panels are cross-cut or drilled on-site, our Jakcure® treatment will need to be thoroughly applied. This will ensure that any untreated areas deep inside the wood are not left exposed– failure to do this could leave the product vulnerable to rot and insect attack. The treatment can be simply applied with a brush and it should be done so during installation to ensure the 25 year guarantee is valid.

Cutting steel panels – guarantee void

Cutting steel panels – for example, to make the fence fit your site – invalidates the 25 year guarantee. Whether they’re welded mesh or vertical bar, cutting steel panels compromises the galvanisation. This leaves the exposed parts of the fence vulnerable to rust, and the sharp edges could also pose a safety risk. Before installation, make sure panels and parts have been measured correctly, and don’t forget we can create bespoke solutions for any site.

Precautions close to the sea

Installing steel fencing within 500 metres of the sea could affect its lifespan. Steel rusts more quickly in salt water due to the freer movement of electrons, while the salt in the coastal air is particularly corrosive. Without a special marine coating, our 25 year guarantee cannot be enforced. Our marine coating is available for any steel fencing, providing a durable coat that prolongs the lifespan of any fence installed within close proximity to the sea.

Fitting gravel boards

A gravel board is a wooden board, usually around 150mm in height, that slots under fence panels or traditional fencing. Made from a specific class of timber suited for in-ground and fresh water contact, a gravel board helps protect timber fencing from rot, insect attacks and debris. Timber fencing that is in contact with the ground but hasn’t been installed with a gravel board isn’t protected by our 25 year guarantee.

Read our full terms and conditions for our guarantees here.

For more information on any of the areas discussed in this article, contact us today.

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