How PAS 68 Bollards Can Help Protect Buildings and Crowded Places

PAS 68 bollards are designed to protect areas where perimeter protection, demarcation and vehicular attack are considered a viable threat. They’ve passed impact tests where a test vehicle travelling at a certain speed is completely prevented from progressing any further.

Crash rated bollards are a perfect solution when installed around buildings or crowded spaces, as they allow pedestrians to walk through and make for free-flowing traffic whilst simultaneously guaranteeing safety.

Static PAS 68 bollards are ideal for use around secure perimeters paired with fencing, and rising PAS 68 bollards are ideal for open spaces where permitted vehicles occasionally need access such as high streets. Bollards work most effectively when integrated with other PAS 68 hostile vehicle mitigation products.

Our blog below can help you specify the correct type of bollard for your application, including high security sites or public spaces requiring PAS 68 crash rated protection from vehicle-as-weapon attacks.

What bollard do I need?

The videos below demonstrate our capabilities in the high security sector, and you can watch a demonstration of our PAS 68 bollards in action. You may also be interested in our Physical Security in Crowded Places blog, covering the importance of robust physical security measures in crowded spaces.

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