Permanent Vs. Temporary Acoustic Barriers

Much of the world stopped or slowed down during the pandemic, and as we emerge from the quiet, noise pollution and the bearing it has on contemporary living seems more noticeable than ever. Studies suggest that the impact of noise pollution extends much further than ringing ears; from property prices and architectural design, to mental health and physical wellbeing, it is having an enormously harmful effect on our way of life.

Acoustic barriers are structures that are used internally and externally to block soundwaves, using airtight systems which can either absorb or reflect noise. A dense surface mass underpins the effectiveness of these products, but with such variation in circumstances and requirements, they often demand further tailoring of their height, positioning and construction to achieve the best results.

Jacksons’ acoustic barriers

Jacksons’ acoustic barriers offer a cost-effective solution where sound attenuation is required. Our Jakoustic® range combines 75 years of fencing expertise with comprehensive research to deliver a wide selection of acoustic barriers and gates that provide good noise reduction, security, sustainability, and which blend in with surrounding environments.

The Jakoustic® range of absorptive and reflective timber acoustic barriers can ensure optimum noise reduction. We also provide permanent installation services, including maintenance and a 25-year guarantee, to give you complete peace of mind.

Choosing temporary or permanent acoustic barriers

Determining whether temporary or permanent acoustic barriers are appropriate for a site is a frequently encountered obstacle and one that, without insight, can result in unnecessary costs and wasted time.

Our experts have compiled this blog to differentiate and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each to guarantee a greater (and quieter) return on investment.

Temporary Acoustic Barriers

Temporary acoustic barriers offer a short-term solution to noise reduction. With an average lifespan of two to five years, they are ideal for construction sites, festivals and sporting events. Hiring temporary acoustic barriers offers flexibility, adaptability and minimum cost-per-use. However, unlike permanent barriers, temporary acoustic barriers are less environmentally-friendly, requiring new barriers to be purchased frequently and old ones to be replaced.

Temporary acoustic barriers cannot be used as a standalone product; unlike permanent barriers, they must be used in conjunction with temporary fencing, but attachment is a quick and straightforward procedure.

Whilst temporary acoustic barriers offer privacy they lack in security, limiting their suitability for sites that require higher, long-term levels of protection. However, if you’re unsure of whether your site or circumstance demands permanent acoustic barriers, their temporary counterparts provide the opportunity to test suitability and positioning before investment.

Permanent Acoustic Barriers

Assuming that temporary acoustic barriers are best suited to temporary sites – and overlooking permanent acoustic barrier solutions – can end in undesired results.

For sites that regularly hold events, opting for permanent acoustic barriers can have many benefits. Not only do they meet the site requirements by containing sound within the perimeter, but they also provide assured long-term protection of the area while also saving time and money that would otherwise be wasted on repeated installation and dismantling.

With high demand for temporary acoustic barriers, permanent installation can alleviate the pressure of sourcing acoustic barriers during peak festival and sporting seasons, reducing the risk of cancellation or delays.

On construction sites, around schools and on housing developments, consideration for the benefits of permanent acoustic barriers outside of noise reduction such privacy, security and aesthetics can save time, money and further disruption in the future.

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At Jacksons Fencing, our range of permanent acoustic barriers offers a solution for every circumstance. Jakoustic® products have been used successfully across a wide variety of sectors, from transport, education, business and industry, housing and even critical infrastructure to limit the impact of noise pollution.

Our Jakoustic® range of acoustic barriers is also covered by our 25-year guarantee, meaning that our customers continue to reap the benefits of our acoustic barriers long after installation.

If you are responsible for upholding your legal obligation to limit noise pollution on a site, or you are suffering from the consequences of it, then contact Jacksons today to find your solution.

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