Combining security and noise reduction

Often, when specifiers turn their thoughts to security fencing, they might have just the one goal in mind: to ensure a site is secure. At times, however, this is not the only consideration, and a combination of factors may need to be weighed. With some solutions, you can even tackle more than one issue, depending on your needs.

We tend to think that metal fences and barbed wire are the best protection a site can get, being sturdy and naturally hostile-looking, but this is not always so. Timber fencing, despite some persisting misconceptions, should be seen as a serious contender.

Secure timber fencing

While a timber perimeter might not be the first recourse when we start considering high security sites, it can in fact offer many benefits, particularly when properly treated and guaranteed. Our Jakoustic® Class 3 is a case in point.

Designed as noise-reducing acoustic barrier, it has also been tested and certified to LPS 1175 C5 classification (previously known as SR3), which proves its suitability for medium to high security risk environments, withstanding attacks from category C tools which includes an axe, crow bar, gas torch, and hacksaw, among other tools. In addition, while LPS 1175 does not include climb resistance in the standard, the double layer of timber boards gives it a completely flat profile, naturally reducing the risk of climbing as it’s extremely difficult to do so.

Security fencing with acoustic properties

The soundproofing capabilities of Jakoustic® Class 3 are high enough to reduce noise by up to 28dB, making it ideal for many types of sites. Data centres, for example, are commonly situated near residential areas in cities, despite the fact that they create high levels of noise. Even the industrial-scale ones further afield can become bothersome to their surroundings, if urban sprawl catches up.

Other benefits

Another advantage to this type of timber acoustic fencing is, quite simply, that it looks attractive. This is particularly useful with locations that are not only loud, but also unsightly, for example around power plants. But you don’t need to be hiding an ugly building – the pleasant natural timber façade would blend in almost anywhere.

Many sensitive sites also require increased privacy and concealment from prying eyes; unless you wish to visually deter people, there is no need to make a site look downright unappealing – Jakoustic® Class 3 is completely solid and offers full coverage. For some sites, fencing that appears to downplay security can be an advantage; discreet measures can actually make the site less of an appealing target as it looks like there's nothing of worth inside. Where a visual deterrent is preferred, the acoustic barrier system works seamlessly with security toppings.

In addition, timber fencing can come with a surprisingly long service life. Jakoustic® Class 3 comes with the same 25-year guarantee that is standard with all of our products at Jacksons Fencing.

Two birds with one stone

Many developments require noise assessments before building is allowed to commence, and those design schemes have to include a detailed plan for noise reduction measures, and many of those will also require a security fence. Considering how much money can be saved, it’s hard to find fault with a product that can tie two requirements into one purchase.

As well as being certified to C5, Jakoustic® Class 3 has also been retested under Issue 8, where it was found to withstand attacks to LPS 1175 F1 and G1. It can be sold as certified to these classifications if required, making it extremely secure – amongst the very best in attractive security fencing, and the only reflective acoustic barrier fence system with this certification.

We also manufacture two different acoustic barriers reinforced with steel mesh which are approved for government use, view the range here.

If you need high security which also reduces noise, look no further. Talk to us about our acoustic security fencing solutions today.

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