Security Fencing for Company Premises

With such a wide range of security fencing products available, you might well be wondering which types are best suited to your company premises. Factors such as the location, business characteristics and opening hours must all be taken into account to ensure that you make the right choice.

Drawing on our extensive experience, we advise an integrated approach, involving the combined use of fencing, gates, access control systems, CCTV, lighting, PIDS, and other products to minimise the risks as much as possible. Keep on reading as we share our holistic perspective on the suitability of security fencing for your particular needs.

Impact of Covid

There have been considerable changes in the use of business premises as a direct result of Covid. Many business owners have opted to introduce remote working as a permanent measure, share office space, and/or restrict their opening hours during these challenging times which adds new risks and requirements to ensure the premises are secure when unoccupied.

If the pandemic has impacted the management of your premises, then we recommend that you conduct a fresh risk assessment so that you can be sure it is up to date and accounts for any changes, and consequently install or upgrade any fencing and access control. You might identify the need for the installation of higher security fencing and access control points to limit the risks of burglary and unlawful entry.

Some of our security fencing solutions include:

  • Metal railings or vertical bar fencing around a property to create a secure perimeter with an attractive appearance and good visibility.
  • Welded mesh panels around larger perimeters as a more cost effective option, and around storage compounds and server rooms
  • Acoustic barriers to limit the excessive sounds which are commonly generated by air-conditioning units, generators, and product deliveries
  • Security spikes and toppings only where necessary or in high risk areas
  • PIDS for buildings with high value assets inside.
  • security fencing for company premises


    The following elements should be prioritised in your choice of security fencing:


    The findings of your risk assessment should be taken into consideration when it comes to the selection of fencing with the desirable level of security. Look for key security features such as the way the panels are constructed, or the type of mesh panel connectors and fixings used. These considerations will provide a good indication of quality and durability. Perhaps you’ll see the need for the installation of strong and stylish vertical bar railings. Or you might want to enhance the security of your premises with our welded mesh panels. Ensure that any security gates match the choice of fencing. Whatever your choice of Jacksons Fencing products, you’ll be assured of a well designed high-quality spec and a 25-year guarantee.


    You’ll want to ensure that your chosen fencing products bear minimal risk to your employees and other visitors to your premises. At Jacksons Fencing, we cater to this need, with products manufactured in compliance with anti-trap building regulations, and products designed to British Standards.


    Whether you want to set an imposing impression for the deterrence of criminals, or a welcoming impression for the assurance of customers, we offer fencing products to suit. You can customise our fencing with your company colours and other branded elements.We advise against the creation of a fortress-like appearance, which indicates that valuable assets are being stored on your premises. However, we are able to enhance security through the discreet fitting of hidden panel connectors/fixings, or welded pale-through-rail components.

    Privacy and concealment

    You might want to conceal storage compounds and other areas from the general public. We manufacture fencing options to increase privacy, and these can also be LPS 1175 security rated to provide resistance to attempts at forced entry. On the other hand, fencing that provides high visibility and works with surveillance may be required in some areas - we have products to suit. 

    Noise reduction

    If you’re concerned about the level of noise generated on your business premises, then timber acoustic barriers are the ideal choice. With their anti-climb flat profile, privacy-enhancing construction and pleasant timber aesthetic, timber noise barriers are multifunctional.

    Premium Quality

    You can be certain that our full range of fencing products are built-to-last and retain their premium appearance for the maintenance of your company image. Manufactured with sustainability in mind, Jacksons Fencing is a budget-friendly long term choice due to the minimal need for repairs and replacements.


    You’ll undoubtedly want to control the access of the public and other visitors to your business premises. There is a wide range of access control barriers available, from traffic arm barriers and warden swing barriers, to bollards and road blockers for traffic control and restriction in car parks. Automated solutions should ideally be centrally monitored and regularly maintained to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.


    There might be a need for demarcation fencing and access control points to indicate where pedestrians and visitors are allowed on your premises. We can also supply verge markers, bollards , and knee rail fencing to ensure that your grass verges and borders stay neat and tidy.

    Contact us today to see how we can help you secure your site.

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