The Different Guarantees from Jacksons Fencing

One of the most overlooked, yet crucial factors when choosing fencing or gates is its lifetime value; specifically, it’s guarantee, how long it is, what it covers and the terms and conditions. High quality fencing should come with a long-life guarantee, giving you total confidence in your new perimeter and access solution. We recommend avoiding products without a comprehensive guarantee, or risk investing in a product without the manufacturer’s assurance of a long lifespan, and ultimately, a safe and secure product.

We offer three types of guarantee on our timber, steel and automation products; with our principal aims to satisfy the requirements of any site, keep long-term maintenance costs low, and reassure purchasers of the quality of their investment.


25 Year Timber Guarantee (through our Jakcure® process)

Jakcure® is our unique softwood preservation process that allows for deep penetration of preservative through total immersion and vacuum pressure. It then forms an insoluble compound, giving permanent protection against rot and insect attack.

This process provides our timber products with a 25 year guarantee against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot. Jakcure® is environmentally friendly: it will not soil hands or clothing and is harmless to man, animal and plant life. It’s non-inflammable and non-corrosive, with no unpleasant odour. Importantly, the process doesn’t reduce the strength of timber or make it brittle.

25 Year Service Life Guarantee

For any site where safety or security are considerations, it is important to choose a high quality fence that you can be assured will provide a long-lasting barrier. Our steel fencing and gates offer our customers the best possible life-time value, covered by an industry-leading 25 year service life guarantee. This guarantees the fence or gate against inherent defects in its design, manufacturing, finish or fitness for purpose.

All our steel vertical bar fencing is hot dip galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 as standard, and our mesh is Galfan® zinc alloy coated as standard; this creates a barrier of protection between the metal and surrounding environment, allowing us to offer our 25 year guarantee.

Should any problems relating to these arise during the lifetime of the guarantee, we will replace the product free of charge, excluding locks, bearings, rollers and other parts subject to wear and tear. The guarantee does not cover acts of vandalism, accidental damage, operator misuse or unsuitable operation environments.

25 Month Automation Guarantee

We understand that gates play a fundamental role in the smooth operation of any business or site, offering not only access control, but keeping a site secure and reducing the risk of accident. That’s why all automation products supplied and installed by us are covered by a 25 month parts and labour guarantee, subject to a service contract being taken out in the second year. Should any fault arise, we will replace the product free of charge, including the cost of installation. This guarantee doesn’t cover acts of vandalism, accidental damage, misuse or unsuitable operating environments.

If you’ve purchased a product from Jacksons Fencing and would like to discuss its guarantee or terms and conditions, or if you would like to find out more about our guarantees before purchase, please contact us today.

If you are looking to register your guarantee, please use our guarantee registration forms found here.

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