Types of acoustic barriers and their uses

At Jacksons, we manufacture different types of acoustic barriers with unique properties that are suited to various applications. We have installed acoustic barriers at schools, commercial properties, residential developments, leisure facilities and even high security sites including data centres. They are a popular fencing option as they provide high security with their anti-climb flat profile, have an attractive timber appearance, increase privacy with their solid construction, reduce noise by up to 32dB, and have a 25 year guarantee.

Jakoustic® Reflective

Our first acoustic barrier which was introduced in 2004 has stayed true to its original design, with a flat profile comprising of V shaped timber boards that interlock to minimise gaps which sound could travel through. Appearing the same on both sides, it has 34mm thick boards which slot into timber tuning fork posts, and works by reflecting noise away. An attractive solution on both sides and good for large spaces, Jakoustic® Reflective acoustic barriers are ideal for schools and residential properties as well as commercial sites.

Jakoustic® Absorptive

Jakoustic® Absorptive acoustic barriers have the same design as Jakoustic® Reflective, but with an additional layer of absorptive mineral fibre on one side which reduces noise by up to 32dB by absorption. From the outside the fence will appear as a robust timber boarded fence, with the absorptive layer facing the noise source. Absorptive acoustic barriers are generally used in confined spaces such as around generators, substations, air conditioning units and delivery areas.

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway

Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway acoustic barriers can be either reflective or acoustic and are used for heights over 4 metres. Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway employs the same design as Jakoustic® Reflective and Jakoustic® Absorptive but the difference is that the timber tuning fork posts are replaced with steel I-beams. It can also be provided UKCA marked as a whole system, and we are the first UK manufacturer to offer this. UKCA marking is essential when specifying acoustic barriers for road and rail applications and it should be noted that a collection of UKCA marked components does not equal a UKCA marked system when added together, it must be tested as a whole under BS EN 143388:2005. Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway acoustic barriers can be installed around commercial sites, leisure facilities, roads and railways; anywhere that requires an acoustic barrier over 4 metres tall.

We've created a short animation to explain the different types in more detail and how they can be used in different applications.

12k Acoustic Envirofence®

A popular choice for residential properties, this type of acoustic barrier provides an alternative to standard garden fence panels, without compromising on style and with the additional benefit of reducing noise. Based on our original Jakoustic® Reflective design, it has the same V shaped boards that interlock to minimise gaps which sound could travel through and works by reflecting noise away from the fence. The main difference is its mass; with a 20mm thick profile it is a lighter option that meets the normal specification of 10-12kg per sqm. 12k Acoustic Envirofence® is commonly used in pubs, restaurants and residential properties.

High Security Acoustic Barriers

We also manufacture acoustic barriers that have been tested and certified under LPS 1175 up to levels C5 and G1 providing protection against attempts at forced entry using a range of tools. Reducing noise by up to 28dB by reflection, our range of high security acoustic barriers also provide hidden protection from steel welded mesh layers. They have been installed in data centres and high security sites offering the ideal combination of privacy, security and noise reduction to suit the complex requirements of these critical sites commonly in urban environments. Find out more about the range here.

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