Types of electric gates

There are many advantages to installing electric gates for most types of sites, with users benefitting from increased convenience, enhanced privacy and robust security that is also aesthetically pleasing. Electric gates are a modern solution that not only control access, but can add value to a site.

At Jacksons Fencing, we supply three types of electric gate that come with a vast selection of options including infill, style, material and operating system. These three types are swing, sliding and bi-fold gates, which refer to the action the gate makes as it opens.

These gates can be fully automatic (requiring an action to open) or semi-automatic (using a deadman's switch which cuts the gate action when the button is lifted). They have two types of gate operator: hydraulic ram, which are compact units operated by a hydraulic piston that has a self-contained pump; and underground operator, which are located in a separate cabinet and can handle larger gates.

Access-control devices include key fobs, card swipe or readers, keypads and button-operation units.


Sliding gates are ideal on sites where there is not enough space for gates to swing open. They also work well with sloping ground where the ground is inclined up and away from the gate where a swing gate would ground when opened. We manufacture both steel and timber sliding gates with the option of almost every style and infill: welded mesh, vertical bar, ornamental, solid timber tongue and groove effect, and acoustic. There are two ways that sliding gates can move along the ground:

Cantilever sliding gates

  • Elevated above the ground – does not require a track
  • Counterbalanced and supported on post-mounted rollers that slide in a tubular track fitted to the bottom of the gate. Guide rollers at the top also enable movement of the gate.
  • Can be single or double leaf
  • Good for areas that experience higher levels of snow
  • Quieter than tracked sliding gates
  • Easier to install
  • Require lighter maintenance as there is no track
  • Tracked sliding gates

  • Run along a fixed track, carried on wheels
  • Can be single or double leaf
  • Provide strong security as they are difficult to force
  • Track must be well maintained and isn't suitable on uneven ground
  • Mechanically simpler than cantilever sliding gates
  • Bi-folding speed gates

    Bi-folding speed gates are ideal for areas that require an air-lock or fast access to and from a site, such as hospitals, fire stations and high security applications such as data centres and utilities site. With each gate leaf folding back on itself, it creates an opening to allow access. They are operated by heavy-duty hydraulic ram, offering an opening speed of 1 metre per second.

  • Trackless - eliminates height restrictions and large tracks on the road
  • Ideal where speed of opening and closing is essential for the security of the premises or where space is minimal
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Vertical bar, Securi-Mesh® and sheeted on one side available as standard, with bespoke options also available
  • Can be PAS 68 crash-rated for high-security applications
  • Swing gates

    Swing gates are the most common form of gate, simply swinging inwards or outwards to allow access. Swing gates are a cost-effective option where space is not an issue.

  • Can be single or double leaf
  • Almost any infill can be chosen for swing gates: timber, steel, vertical bar, welded mesh, ornamental and acoustic
  • It’s important to note that electric gates are classed as machinery and can lead to people being seriously injured or even killed if designed and installed improperly. Electric gates therefore need to be manufactured in accordance with regulation, and installed and maintained by experts.

    For more help and advice on specifying electric gates, contact us today.

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