What is a MUGA and tips for MUGA fencing

According to Sport England 'Government guidelines recommend that children and young people should get 30 minutes of their daily physical activity in the school day and 30 minutes outside of school.' While it's not always possible for children to participate in sport outside of school - particularly ones they have an interest in, access to facilities is granted through schools and can provide opportunities for a range of activities that cater to all when planned carefully.

Multi-use games areas (MUGAs) are increasingly popular in schools due to their flexibility and the different options they provide for sport. Standard MUGA courts are either 35m x 17m or 38m x 18m, providing sufficient space for football, basketball, tennis and netball lines to be drawn on. Other common combinations of sport include football, rugby and hockey; your choice of pitch surface will depend on which sports you want to cater for and also the age of the users.

Fencing for MUGAs

MUGA fencing around the pitch has a number of purposes that include providing a designated space for sports and activities, keeping ball games within the court and protecting nearby buildings, property or people from stray balls as well as allowing spectators and supervisors to watch from a safe distance. . Fencing and gates designed for MUGAs should be chosen over standard welded mesh panels and should be suited to the level of high-impact use. Follow our tips for creating safe sports areas.

1. Choose hard-wearing fencing

Fencing around these areas will have to cope with repeated impact from balls and other equipment. A twin-wire mesh design with panels that overlap posts improves rigidity, while a Galfan® and polyester powder coating ensures fencing will be resistant to rust and avoid peeling paint.

2. Choose an open mesh design

Welded mesh panels are ideal for sports areas as they provide high visibility which allows supervision at a safe distance as well as providing clear views for spectators, and does not hinder surveillance where this is a necessary requirement.

3. Look for excellent rebound properties

EuroGuard® Rebound was designed for this exact purpose and reduces vibrations along the fence line to provide quieter playing environments and keeps balls in play.

4. Invest in high quality products

MUGA fencing is unique in the fact that it becomes part of play itself. High quality fencing will provide greater performance, lower maintenance costs and be a cost effective long-term solution. Additionally, a long guarantee assures that the manufacturer is confident that their products won't fail over time, and covers you if they do.

5. Install the correct height fencing

3 metres is the most common height for MUGA fences, which is sufficient to prevent most balls from leaving the area. Fencing that is too short will mean people will have to continuously leave the enclosure to retrieve lost equipment, disrupting sports games and potentially entering unsafe areas if other sports are being played outside of the enclosure.

6. Make sure gates match the fencing

Gates installed as part of MUGA solutions should match the fencing to ensure they offer the same properties and high level of performance throughout. Furthermore, there should be enough gates to provide safe access and prevent congestion. Double leaf gates are also recommended to provide access for emergency services and maintenance vehicles.

If are working on a project that requires sports or MUGA fencing or need further advice, please contact us or call our sales team who will be happy to help.

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