British Standards For Fencing

Jacksons Fencing manufacturer, supply and install security fencing that exceed the security specification within the British Standards.

  • BS EN 1722-1 : Specification for chain link fences

    Specifies requirements for chain link fences, gates and gateposts for use with chain link fences

  • BS EN 1722-2 : Specification for strained wire and wire mesh netting fences

    Deer fencing

  • BS EN 1772 Part 4: Specification for cleft chestnut pale fences

    Cleft chestnut fencing

  • BS EN 1722 Part 5: Specification for Close board and wooden palisade fence

    Traditional Featherboard fencing

  • BS EN 1722 Part 7 Specification for wooden post and rail

    Post and rail fencing

  • BS EN 1722-8 : Specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) continuous bar fences and hurdles

    Estate railings
  • BS EN 1722-9 : Specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) fences with round or square and verticals and flat horizontals



  • BS EN 1722-10 : Specification for anti intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh

    Specifies requirements for anti-intruder chain link or welded mesh fences and gates of at least 2.4 m in height for situations that require a higher level of protection than that offered by fences conforming to BS 1722-1

  • BS 1722 Part 11 Specification for prefabricated wood panel fences

    Construction and installation of prefabricated wood panel fences up to 2.0m high, constructed from softwood panels, fixed between timber or concrete posts

    Venetian panels

    Woven panels

    Hit and Miss panels

    Tongue and groove effect panels

  • BS EN 1722-14 : Specification for open mesh steel panel

    EuroGuard Regular

    EuroGuard Combi

    EuroGuard Flatform

  • BS EN 17722 Part 16 Specification for powder coatings

    Powder coating

  • BS EN 1772 Part 17: Specification for electric security fences


  • BS EN 1722-18 : Specification for steel mesh site perimeter temporary fencing systems

    Temporary site fencing

  • Machinery Directive 92006/46/EC

  • EN 12453 Industrial doors and gates; Safety in use of power operated doors - requirements
  • EN 12445 Industrial doors and gates; Safety in use of power operated doors - Test Methods
  • EN 12604 Industrial doors and gates; Mechanical Aspects - Requirement
  • EN 12605 Industrial doors and gates; Mechanical Aspects - Test Methods
  • EN 60204-1 Safety of Machinery - Electrical Equipment of Machines

  • PAS 68: Crash test standard for hostile vehicle mitigation

    Linebacker Crash Fencing

    Harrier PAS 68 Static Bollard

    PAS 68 Automatic Bollard

  • PAS 69: Standard for the installation for hostile vehicle mitigation