British Standards For Fencing

All of our fencing and gates come with a 25 year guarantee, and are designed to British Standards to ensure they conform to best practices set by industry experts, and are safe and fit for purpose.

Jacksons Fencing designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs security fencing that exceeds specifications within the British Standards.


BS EN 1722-1: specification for chain link fences

BS EN 1722-2 : specification for strained wire and wire mesh netting fences

BS EN 1772-4: specification for cleft chestnut pale fences

BS EN 1722-5: specification for close board and wooden palisade fence

BS EN 1722-7: specification for wooden post and rail

BS EN 1722-8 : specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) continuous bar fences and hurdles

BS EN 1722-9 : specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) fences with round or square and verticals and flat horizontals

BS EN 1722-10 : specification for anti intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh

BS 1722-11 specification for prefabricated wood panel fences

BS EN 1722-14 : specification for open mesh steel panel

BS EN 1722-16 : specification for powder coatings

BS EN 1772-17: specification for electric security fences

BS EN 1722-18:2011: specification for steel mesh site perimeter temporary fencing systems

BS EN 14388:2005: specification to allow the supply and installation of noise barriers for use in the reduction or mitigation of road traffic noise

Gates and Automation

Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008


PAS 68: crash test standard for hostile vehicle mitigation

PAS 69: standard for the installation for hostile vehicle mitigation


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