Acoustic barrier reduces noise impact on local residents from inner city supermarket

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Aldi Supermarkets


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Aldi are a supermarket chain with over 700 stores throughout the UK, many of which are located in or around city centres or other areas which have a high population density. One of the issues this creates is noise pollution, which can emanate from the stores throughout the day as a result of deliveries from heavy goods vehicles in the loading bays, where heavy machinery is often used to transport pallets of goods.


As a responsible member of their community, two Aldi stores in Kent came to Jacksons looking to reduce the impact of noise coming from their property. To do so, Jacksons installed a 4.8m high Jakoustic® Absorptive barrier around the loading bay of each store, partnered with a matching double leaf 2.5m gate with additional infill to ensure that the height matched that of the fencing.

Jakoustic® Absorptive contains an absorptive layer of Rockwool fibre and a protective membrane, making it an ideal acoustic barrier when there is a need to prevent noise escaping rather than keeping noise out. By placing Jakoustic® Absorptive around the loading bay (noise source), it ensures that any noise created by deliveries and heavy goods vehicles will be mitigated, reducing the impact of commercial operations on the surrounding residential properties.

Key Jakoustic® Plus Absorptive Barrier features include:

  • An absorptive layer, covered with a protective membrane is incorporated on one side of the boards to further reduce noise
  • Jacksons unique timber ‘tuning-fork’ posts which effectively clamp the boards together to provide up to 32dB reduction in noise under laboratory condition

Products Used


  • 19m of 4.8m high Jakoustic® Absorptive barrier 2.5m high double leaf matching gate with infill to match 4.8m height
  • 17.5m of bespoke 4.8m high Jakoustic® Absorptive, 2.5m high x 5m wide pair of gates with acoustic infill above to match 4.8m height
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