Acoustic Fencing at Longbridge Town Centre

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Longbridge, West Midlands

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Longbridge has a worldwide reputation as the historical home to the original two door Mini but the former MG Rover car factory site now represents a revolution in regeneration and is being transformed into a vibrant £1 billion new community. Located in Birmingham, Longbridge is now a visionary development which offers high quality, sustainable, industrial, commercial and retail premises, as well as residential opportunities. In addition to this, the area boasts new educational facilities and a host of leisure attractions.

The radical change from an industrial car plant to a state of the art beacon for creativity and commerce first began in 2001 but Jacksons involvement came into play when the £70 million town centre incorporating shops, restaurants and offices began to take shape in 2013.

Clearly with such a diverse range of facilities and a considerable portfolio of impressive businesses that recognized the extensive benefits afforded by the Longbridge prime location, it was necessary to install a ring of security around the new town.


The first priority was to maintain the high quality standard of living and working in Longbridge by minimising any noise pollution associated with the service yard of a large Sainsbury’s superstore which was due to open on the site. In addition to the sounds associated with the store, there was also a need reduce the impact of any noise emissions from the railway line which is located nearby. Both facilities, whilst essential to the site, were required to enhance rather than detract from the appeal of the residential offering at Longbridge.

The construction company involved in the build had had previous dealings with Jacksons and was impressed by the quality and durability of the company’s products and by the speed and efficiency of the service it had received. Given the nature of the installation, there was a requirement to seek out a proven solution to noise pollution and Jacksons revolutionary Jakoustic environmental noise barriers represented the perfect choice.

The scale of the project presented a significant challenge. It comprised the delivery of over 400m of 4 and 3 metre high Jakoustic Reflective fencing to the boundary of the railway line, combined with the installation of two 5 metre wide (2.5 metres high) imposing double leaf Barbican Imperial® swing gates to provide access to the new retail / commercial units. Smart Sentry fencing and gates were also installed at a height of 3 metres around the Sainsbury’s service yard area to deliver a heightened level of protection.

In addition to the sheer volume of fencing that was involved, Jacksons’ technical counsel and in-house manufacturing expertise were also called upon. Jacksons developed a bespoke response to the steel posts needed to bolt onto the concrete service yard wall, to provide a secure fitting for the Jakoustic® barrier.

The installation programme ran in two phases over a six-month period and Jacksons was able to complete all elements of the impressive 400-metre build on time and on budget.

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