Acoustic Fencing Provides Peace and Quiet at a Redeveloped Residential Area in London

Project Overview

North London

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Outdoor sound barriers are essential components in creating tranquil and peaceful environments, shielding residential and commercial spaces from the intrusion of external noise sources. These barriers serve as effective shields against traffic sounds, industrial activities, and other ambient disturbances, fostering a serene outdoor atmosphere. Manufactured from durable materials such as timber, these barriers not only minimise noise pollution but also contribute to the privacy and comfort of the surrounding area. Whether installed along highways, residential neighbourhoods, or outdoor recreational spaces, outdoor sound barriers are designed to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall quality of outdoor living and work environments.

In response to the escalating housing demand in North London, a city borough redevelopment project added 80 new homes, with 20% allocated as 'affordable' dwellings. Committed to community revitalisation and environmental enhancement, the developer addressed the challenge of intrusive noise from nearby roads, shops, and light industrial properties.


To mitigate this issue, a 135-metre expanse of 6-metre-high Jakoustic® Reflective outdoor sound barrier residential fencing was strategically installed along the estate's perimeter, specifically behind adjacent commercial properties. Constructed from Jakcure® vacuum pressure treated planed timber boards with an interlocking profile, these barriers achieve up to 28dB* noise reduction. The substantial height not only minimises noise but also enhances views and privacy for residents overlooking commercial buildings.

Designed to seamlessly blend with residential aesthetics, the natural timber facade of the fence maintains a homely atmosphere while acting as an effective acoustic barrier. Custom specifications, including timber cover boards and galvanized steel I-beam posts clad with matching timber, were implemented for enhanced visual appeal. Beyond noise reduction, the Jakoustic barrier ensures increased security with anti-climb features and considerable height.

This reliable outdoor sound barrier solution for residential areas is backed by a 25-year guarantee, ensuring lower lifetime costs. Developers and residents alike benefit from the enduring timber treatment process. Explore the Jakoustic range for unparalleled outdoor sound barriers in residential settings.

Products Used


  • 135 metres of 6m high Jakoustic® Reflective with bespoke timber-clad I-beam posts
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