Acoustic Fencing Provides Peace and Quiet at a Redeveloped Residential Area in London

Project Overview

North London

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A housing estate in North London was recently redeveloped to provide more houses and flats to cope with the ever growing demand in the capital. The project provided an additional 80 homes on the site, with 20% of the new properties being ‘affordable’ homes.

The vision of the developer is to bring new life to local communities through new developments and by enhancing surrounding environments. Because the estate is near to a busy road and behind many shops, restaurants and light industrial properties, an acoustic barrier was required to mitigate the noise of deliveries, traffic and general day-to-day noise.


To achieve the desired reduction in noise, we supplied 135 metres of 6m high Jakoustic® Reflective fencing to run alongside the estate behind the adjacent commercial properties. Jakoustic® Reflective barriers are designed to reflect noise away from both faces and are manufactured using substantial, Jakcure® vacuum pressure treated planed timber boards featuring a specially developed interlocking profile that eliminates gaps that sound can travel through to provide up to 28dB* in noise reduction. The tall height of the barrier means that as well as mitigating noise, it also provides a more attractive view and increased privacy for residents overlooking the commercial buildings.

The natural timber facade of the fence gives the appearance of a regular garden fence, so maintains a residential feel but with the added benefits of providing an effective acoustic barrier. To enhance visual appeal further, the fence was designed to a custom specification; with timber cover boards to the sides. Additionally, the galvanised steel I-beam posts were clad with matching timber to soften their appearance.

As well as providing a reduction in noise, the Jakoustic® barrier offers residents increased security with its anti climb properties and sheer height. The barrier is backed by a 25-year guarantee with our timber treatment process, which will benefit the developers and residents with lower lifetime costs.

Products Used


  • 135 metres of 6m high Jakoustic® Reflective with bespoke timber-clad I-beam posts
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