Acoustic fencing provides noise mitigation for train maintenance depot near Paris

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In 2016, SNCF, France's national railway company, opened a new tram maintenance workshop in Noisy-le-Sec, a municipality near Paris. While this facility ensured efficient maintenance for their ‘new-generation’ tram trains, its proximity to residential areas and businesses, including a performing arts theatre, presented a unique challenge: minimising railway noise pollution caused by night-time maintenance operations. The workshop was designed with a strong requirement for sustainable development as part of a High Environmental Quality (HQE) approach, which included the installation of solar panels on the roof, and rainwater recycling systems.

Recognising the importance of community wellbeing and sustainable development in every aspect, SNCF sought a noise mitigation solution that would effectively address these concerns.


SNCF partnered with us to install 280 metres of Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway Reflective acoustic fencing along two sections of the workshop perimeter. This high-performance timber fence utilises strategically constructed V-boards to effectively block sound waves, achieving a notable noise reduction of up to 28dB. This significant decrease in railway noise ensured peaceful nights for residents and uninterrupted performances at the theatre.

The acoustic barrier solution aligns with SNCF's sustainability goals. The fencing benefits from a 25-year guarantee against rot and insect attack, minimising long-term maintenance requirements and environmental impact. Additionally, the natural timber façade seamlessly blends with the surrounding environment, concealing industrial infrastructure and enhancing the visual landscape. The acoustic barrier system was installed with steel I-beams, which are essential for providing strength and durability in areas where ground vibrations are typically higher.

Beyond its core function of railway noise reduction, the acoustic barrier offered several additional advantages. The solid profile of the fencing creates an effective anti-climb barrier, deterring unauthorised access and ensuring the smooth operation of train schedules. Additionally, the track-side wall cladding with welded wire mesh serves a dual purpose. It facilitates the growth of climbing plants, further contributing to railway noise reduction, while simultaneously preventing vandalism and graffiti.

This project showcases SNCF's commitment to responsible railway operations and sustainable practices. The barrier effectively mitigates railway noise, creating a harmonious environment for surrounding communities. It highlights the innovative solutions available to minimise the impact of railway noise on urban environments.

Products Used


  • 120 metres 4.5m high Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway fencing
  • 160 metres 2.5m high Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway fencing
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