Bespoke security cages for a luxury car manufacturer

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Identified as a leading fencing and physical security provider the remit was simple: design, supply and install storage cages for a luxury high end car manufacturer. Creating storage for parts, logistics and high end materials meant our engineers designed unique holding cells for a new warehouse development which provided a secure practical solution whilst meeting the strict design criteria set by the brand.


Recognised for our diligent approach to quality, the team involved were keen to maximise the scope of the opportunity and collaborated with luxury brand to recommend EuroGuard® Flatform for each of the cage partitions. With a flat profile and double layered horizontal wires, EuroGuard® Flatform mesh panels have 200 x 50mm wire centres which were the ideal profile for the commercial environment.

In addition to the cage partitions external and internal manual gates in swing and sliding format were incorporated into the overall plan. With space at a premium, the internal navigation from inside the cages were an important design consideration, therefore internal sliding gates were employed to maximise the capacity of the cage space. Jacksons in-house engineering team were required to develop customised roofing for one of the cages responsible for the storage of particularly hard to source high end components and materials to ensure complete access control and secure protection of such supplies.

To conclude, Jacksons delivered the project inside one week to the exact specifications and standards required, while our 25 Service Life Guarantee was an important factor in the decision making process as the luxury manufacturer felt it was important to have a low life time cost.

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