Bow top fencing secures Manor Care Home

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Manor Care Home

Old Windsor, Berkshire

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Situated in six acres of luscious, landscaped grounds close to the River Thames, the Manor Care Home in Old Windsor provides residential care for up to 65 residents.

With many residents living with dementia in the home, safety is a top priority throughout the building and grounds. With a vast amount of land available, the space needed to be broken down into smaller, manageable areas to provide residents with a safe outdoor area to enjoy without the risk of them straying too far from the building.

New fencing and gates was needed, with the requirement to be secure but also safe from a tactile point of view, and create a welcoming environment.


TM Contracts, a Jacksons Approved Installer, was appointed to install two runs of Jacksons’ Bow Top fencing.

Bow Top fencing is ideal for care homes. Featuring welded pale-through-rail construction, pales are passed through the top rail and secured by welding, without the need for bolts or rivets, which makes it highly tamper proof and secure. For care homes, aesthetics are highly important to ensure residents and visitors feel welcome and comfortable and staff are not working in a hostile environment. Bow Top fencing is an ideal choice where security and aesthetics are equally important and suits both urban, suburban and agrestic environments. Hooped top pales create gentle, decorative curves, with rounded posts which continue the curved design and help to reduce injury by removing sharp edges and pointed tops, making it a safe choice for care homes.

As with all our metal railings and vertical bar fencing, Bow Top fencing has concealed panel-to-post connectors which reduce vandalism and the risk of panels being removed, which is a common problem with traditional metal railings. Often, iron railings or other flat bar ornamental railings are attached to posts with bolts through a lip which protrudes from the post, but unfortunately due to the thickness of this metal it creates a weak point which could break, or the bolt could be removed.

194m of 1.8m high fencing was installed alongside a matching 4.1m wide double leaf gate to allow access for visitors, maintenance and delivery vehicles, and emergency services. 15.3m of 1.2m high fencing was also installed for demarcation. All of the fencing and gates are hot dip galvanised to protect them from rust and corrosion, and they were additionally polyester powder coated in black RAL 9005 to give it a smart and attractive finish. Polyester powder coating is preferred over painting, which is typically the case with iron railings; they need frequent repainting as the paint often fades and peels over time. Polyester powder coating provides a long-lasting, durable finish which does not crack or chip making it a low maintenance and sustainable option.

The care home hosts lots of activities out on the lawn when the weather is good, so this new fence will allow the residents and staff to safely enjoy a manageable outdoor space.

All of our fencing including our bow top fencing is guaranteed for 25 years against rust, corrosion, and manufacturing defects, the longest guarantee on the market for steel fencing.

Products Used


  • Over 210m Bow Top Fencing and Gates
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