Jacksons Fencing secures perimeter for Halo Business Park in southeast London

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Halo Business Park


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Jacksons Fencing was chosen to secure the perimeter of the Halo Business Park in Orpington, southeast London, just 5.5 miles from Bromley. A speculative trade and warehouse development totalling up to 150,000sq ft with 14 units to let ranging from 6,219sq ft up to 22,596sq ft, it comprises of a variety of businesses. Situated in the heart of the local commercial area for both trade and retail, its frontage sees heavy footfall and traffic from the A224.

The business park is located opposite an already existing and established Retail Park with close rail links and amenities. Security was a key concern for both the landlord and unit renters, but they also needed a solution that provided adequate access and good visibility for advertising the various trades and businesses renting at the site.


EuroGuard Flatform®, with its anti-climb design and tamper-proof fixings, is a twin wire mesh fencing panel and was chosen to secure the perimeter of the site and secure individual units with access control gates for authorised personnel. With its 200 x 50mm aperture, the mesh fencing provides clear views to and from the business park which is beneficial for potential customers, and enables effective surveillance for security purposes. As the site is G4S secured with additional CCTV and guard dog patrols, visibility was a key component of this fencing choice, it also minimises the risk from theft and vandalism as it does not create blind spots or cover.

A number of Barbican® pedestrian emergency exit gates were also installed, which feature panic latches and key entry for authorised entry only. As well as three large Sentry® automated cantilevered sliding gates for vehicular access, as access to the site is fundamental for the businesses within

Automated Sentry® sliding gates are installed with their vertical bar, pale into rail design that is secure and strong. The pales are spaced with a maximum gap of 100mm which adequately conforms to anti-trap regulations, making this a safer choice when access by the general public is a possibility. The cantilever mechanism of the gates does not track along the ground and so requires less maintenance as rubbish and leaves will not build up as with some other designs.

The Barbican® pedestrian gates are vertical bar, which are more durable and harder to climb option when it comes to gate specification/choice, they were also clad in 50x50 heavy mesh for added security. All of our products are built to last; with high quality materials, and benefit from a 25-year guarantee, so there will not be any costly repairs or replacements anytime soon.

We have a variety of different solutions for business parks and have worked with many over the years. Read our case study about Delta Park Industrial Estate, where we installed Barbican® fencing and gates.

Products Used


  • Over 300m 2.43m high EuroGuard® Flatform fencing, powder coated black
  • 3x Sentry® 8m wide automated cantilevered single sliding gates
  • 9x Barbican® 1m wide emergency exit pedestrian gates with emergency/panic latch and key entry, clad with 50x50 heavy mesh
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