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On the outskirts of London a large BMX track was created within a park that also boasts formal gardens in addition to designated areas for a range of activities including football, basketball, bowling and tennis. It was created as part of an initiative that was designed to capitalise on the London 2012 games to inspire and encourage local residents to be more active. The aim is to stimulate interest in trialling new sports by providing modern facilities in readily accessible locations.

Since the BMX track was sited in a public park, identifying appropriate measures to secure the facility was essential to its longterm success. The key problems that needed to be addressed included restricting unauthorised entry by motorbikes and scooters as well as identifying a system, which would make it possible to securely lock the entrances at night. Minimising access to the site by wild animals was a further important consideration.

The local Council contacted Jacksons Fencing, to draw upon the company’s established insight in relation to resolving problems associated with perimeter security and access control. After numerous site visits and in-depth discussions with Peter Lawson, Business Development Manager, Jacksons was awarded the contract on the back of its proven sector expertise and ability to provide a totally bespoke solution to secure the entrances to the park. Other significant factors that influenced the decision to appoint Jacksons were the company’s renowned reputation for quality; the reassurance of the 25-year guarantee that supports all Jacksons products and the aesthetic appeal of the EuroGuard Flatform Medium fencing system that was recommended.


The main objective for the two entrances to the site was to ensure easy entry by BMX bikes but to curb access for motorbikes and scooters. This seemingly simple requirement actually represented a challenge due to the negligible difference in size between the vehicles. The initial entrance design that evolved after site visits and discussions, incorporated two main alterations to the bike restrictors that had been specified. These modifications included increasing the height of the bike restrictor by attaching additional vertical posts to the top of the device to prevent individuals from lifting their motorbike handles over the top. The second enhancement involved infilling the bike restrictor sides with steel sheets to avoid the manoeuvring of handlebars through the gaps. In addition to these adjustments, a small pedestrian guardrail fence was installed almost immediately inside the entrance creating a narrow space that can only be navigated by a BMX bike. A dog grill was also positioned at ground level in the middle of both entrances to help prevent access by unwanted animals. The two 1830mm high x 1200mm wide EuroGuard gates deliver an extra level of security as well as a visually pleasing finishing touch. These gates also feature padlockable drop bolts and side latches for added protection when the track is closed.

A run of 174m of 1830mm high EuroGuard® Flatform Medium fencing was installed to define the rest of the boundary line. Key features of this fencing include a unique vandal-proof panel to post fixing, with no hand or footholds ensuring a strong anti-climb design to keep the site secure. The council stipulated that the fence should be no more than a maximum 100 mm above ground level to prevent animals such as dogs and foxes gaining access to the park – whilst also allowing adequate space to facilitate ground maintenance duties such as strimming. The choice of EuroGuard fencing guaranteed no problems were encountered in terms of complying with this strict requirement, since this style of fencing can easily accommodate sloping and uneven ground, thus ensuring the gap between the fence and the ground never exceeded the specified 100 mm.

The whole project took three months to complete and the end result was an excellent installation and a delighted customer.

Products Used


  • EuroGuard® Flatform
  • Bespoke Bike Restrictors
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