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Newbury Football Club

Newbury, West Berkshire

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In 2018, Newbury Football Club, a cornerstone of the local community in Berkshire for over 50 years, faced a significant setback when they were evicted from their longstanding ground. The land was slated for redevelopment as part of an industrial estate. In August 2021, amidst the uncertainty of their future, the clubhouse still standing on the site was destroyed in a suspected arson attack. This tragic event left the site in a state of disrepair, compounding the community's dismay.

However, the residents of Newbury were resilient. After extensive campaigning, a high court hearing, and a change in local government, the club was approved to return to their original ground at Faraday Road in 2023. This decision was met with widespread jubilation as the site had been long considered the ‘home of football’ in the district.

Despite the celebratory return, the club faced significant challenges. The history of vandalism and the recent arson attack necessitated enhanced security and access control measures to protect the grounds and ensure the safety of the facilities. With the help of Jacksons Fencing, a quick turnaround was achieved, with the site reopening just months later.


To address the challenges, a comprehensive security plan was implemented, focusing on both protecting the site and blending with the natural surroundings of the area.

Our secure Barbican® fencing and gates were installed around a portable cabin, temporarily designated for storing equipment and serving as changing rooms for the team. This provided a robust barrier against potential vandalism and unauthorised access. Incorporating anti-vandal features into its design, such as welded pale-through-rail construction and no visible fixings, it was an ideal choice given the history of the site.

Our EuroGuard® Flatform mesh fencing was strategically placed around the grounds to provide demarcation and also help prevent any stray footballs leaving the ground area, while complying with local planning at a height of four metres. Constructed with twin wires and our unique mesh security clips, EuroGuard Flatform is durable against vandalism but also blends with the natural aesthetics of the area with its green polyester powder coating and ‘invisible’ screening effect. The fence line backs onto the main entrance, which is adjacent to several car dealerships and performance centres, providing protection for these properties and helping to ensure good neighbourly relations.

The other end of the fencing borders a well-travelled footpath popular with dog walkers and pedestrians, with a footbridge crossing the local River Kennet. The placement ensures that the community can continue to enjoy the natural paths while maintaining the security of the football grounds. The security solutions were designed to be non-intrusive and to blend with the community's use of the space. Benches were placed strategically between the pitches, maintaining visibility and encouraging community engagement.

Preventing unauthorised access

A heavy duty warden barrier was installed at the entrance to the grounds, primarily serving as an access control point for the footpath and cycle path and preventing unauthorised vehicular access. The concrete area near the double-leaf gates was designated for parking, ensuring a clear and organised space for team vehicles. Cycle hoops were installed to provide secure bike parking for visitors and players, promoting and encouraging environmentally friendly transportation options.

The implementation of these security and access control measures were a significant part of allowing Newbury Football Club to reopen their beloved grounds with renewed confidence in 2023. The club's return has revitalised the community spirit, providing a safe and secure environment for players and fans alike. The thoughtful integration of security solutions with the natural and communal landscape has ensured that the football grounds remain a cherished part of the district for years to come.

Products Used

  • Heavy duty Warden Swing Barrier
  • EuroGuard Flatform mesh fencing
  • Barbican vertical bar fencing
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