RoSPA approved multi-coloured playground fencing protects Guildford park

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Onslow Recreation Ground

Guildford, Surrey

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Parks and Recreation


Onslow Recreation Ground is a Green Flag award winning park, in an elevated position which offers excellent views across Guildford. Situated next to an arboretum, the area is a must visit for nature lovers. Featuring a large playground full of exciting equipment made from industrial looking steel and timber, a robust new fence was required to enhance the visual appearance and inject fun and creativity into the space, whilst protecting the area from dogs, reducing the risk of children wandering off, and averting older children from damaging the fence through climbing. In addition, the fence needed to be playground-suitable; with an anti-trap design approved to RoSPA and BS EN 1176 playground safety standards.

The primary challenge of the project was to create a playful and engaging environment for children while maintaining the necessary safety standards. Additionally, the chosen fencing solution needed to withstand outdoor elements and regular wear and tear associated with high-traffic areas.


Jacksons Fencing was enlisted to provide its RoSPA approved Metal Playtime® playground fencing solution to meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. Installed at a height of one metre, and featuring a flat top with rounded edges and smooth surfaces, it provides a simple and secure yet safe barrier that minimises the risk of injuries.

A playground fence serves multiple functions, primarily aimed at ensuring the safety of children within the play area, whether by containing them safely or preventing access by dogs or other users of a park. Beyond these practical functions, it's crucial to foster a sense of ownership among children, delineating the playground as their designated space separate from its surroundings.

The council opted to have the individual pales of the fence powder coated in various colours after being hot dip galvanised. The multi-coloured RoSPA approved playground railings feature an eye-catching design.

By incorporating bold and vibrant designs, an environment is created that captivates children's imaginations and adds visual interest from the moment they approach helping to overcome any nerves and make the playground more inviting. These colourful accents not only make the park visually appealing but also serve a practical purpose by helping children easily identify and familiarise themselves with the play area boundaries.

Ultimately, the vibrant hues and clearly defined boundaries instil confidence and excitement in children, making their playtime experience more enjoyable and memorable.

By combining functionality with aesthetics, the railings serve as both a safety barrier and a whimsical design element to the playground, that appeals to children and adults alike.

With a 25 year guarantee against rust, the fence provides a long-lasting boundary solution with a low lifetime cost.

What is RoSPA approved playground fencing?

  • Compliance with British Standards: Fences should be built and installed according to the relevant section of BS 1722.
  • Minimum Height: A minimum height of 1 metre is recommended.
  • BS EN 1176 Compliance: In addition to BS 1722, playgrounds in Europe should also comply with BS EN 1176.
  • Safety Features: The fence design should minimise entrapment hazards by avoiding gaps where children could get stuck. Additionally, it should have no sharp edges or protruding fittings.
  • Material Durability: The material should be strong enough to withstand typical use and vandalism. Common options include treated timber or hot-dip galvanised steel.
  • The installation of RoSPA approved playground railings has transformed the community park in several ways:

    Enhanced Visual Appeal: The vibrant colours and playful design of the railings have revitalised the playground area, creating an inviting and engaging space for children to explore and play.

    Safety Compliance: Despite their colourful appearance, the railings meet all necessary safety standards and regulations, providing a secure enclosure for children to enjoy outdoor activities.

    Durability: Constructed from robust materials and coated with weather-resistant finishes, the railings are built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

    The successful installation of multi-coloured playground railings at the community park highlights the importance of combining safety with creativity in outdoor recreational spaces. Jacksons Fencing is proud to have contributed to the transformation of the playground area, providing a safe and visually appealing environment for children to play and explore.

    If you're considering enhancing the safety and aesthetic appeal of your playground or recreational area, Jacksons Fencing offers a range of innovative RoSPA fencing solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can help create vibrant and engaging play spaces for your community.

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