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Wallington Primary Academy, a bustling school situated in the London borough of Sutton, faced challenges with its outdoor environment. The original school had metal railings around its perimeter, intending to secure the premises while maintaining a welcoming and open atmosphere. In 2018, timber fencing was installed alongside this in key areas, in an attempt to increase privacy. Unfortunately, the lifespan of timber fences that have not been adequately treated can be as short as five years. This fencing solution soon proved inadequate; failing to provide the necessary privacy for students in the playground, and noise reduction for residents living opposite the school. The metal railings, though secure, allowed passersby to see into the school grounds and potentially communicate through the railings, compromising the safeguarding and privacy of the children. Additionally, the noise from playground disrupted homeowners nearby, particularly in the shift to remote working during the pandemic and the years after.

To address the noise nuisance from the school, Wallington Primary Academy sought the expertise of Jacksons Fencing, thanks to our many years providing high quality fencing solutions for schools, and the options available. After a thorough assessment of the school’s needs, the school decided to embark on the installation of 12K Envirofence®, our lightweight acoustic barrier designed to provide both privacy and noise reduction. The acoustic barrier was strategically installed behind the existing metal railings, seamlessly integrating with the current infrastructure while significantly enhancing its functionality.

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The installation of the 12K Envirofence transformed the outdoor environment of Wallington Primary Academy. The acoustic barrier effectively mitigated the noise coming from the playground, creating a quieter and atmosphere for residents, and improving neighbourly relations. Furthermore, the enhanced privacy of the solid timber fence allowed students and staff to utilise the outdoor spaces without concerns about onlookers, while providing a pleasant, natural appearance.

Privacy and noise reduction are critical considerations for schools to create a conducive learning environment and ensure the safety and wellbeing of students. In educational settings, maintaining privacy is essential to protect students from unwanted external attention. Schools are spaces where children need to feel safe and secure, and without adequate privacy measures, they can be vulnerable to distractions and intrusions. Metal railings and vertical bar fencing, while providing security, do not sufficiently shield students from the outside world. This exposure can lead to concerns about safety, potentially deterring students from fully engaging in outdoor activities or focusing during class sessions held near these exposed areas. Vertical bar and metal railings have their place in schools, such as around the entrance where visibility is key for surveillance. Ideally, the playground and sports fields should always have fencing with high concealment properties.

Noise reduction is equally vital in schools, and works both ways. In contrast to protecting nearby residents from noise, high levels of ambient noise, especially from busy roads or urban environments, can significantly impact the school by affecting students' ability to concentrate and learn effectively. Excessive noise disrupts classrooms, making it difficult for teachers to communicate and for students to absorb information. Studies have shown that high noise levels can lead to increased stress and decreased academic performance among students. In playgrounds and outdoor areas, noise pollution can affect recreational activities, reducing the enjoyment and relaxation that these spaces are meant to provide.

By implementing solutions like our 12K Envirofence acoustic barrier, schools can address these challenges comprehensively. Acoustic barriers are designed to absorb and deflect sound, significantly reducing the amount of noise that penetrates or leaves the school grounds. This creates a quieter, more peaceful environment. Furthermore, such barriers enhance privacy by obstructing the view from outside, ensuring that students and staff can utilise the school premises without feeling exposed or observed. This case highlights the importance of well-planned, tailored fencing solutions in educational settings and the impact of thoughtful design on the overall wellbeing and productivity of a school community.

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