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As the need for housing has increased exponentially over time with a growing population, smaller urban areas and towns have been increasing the number of new build developments. As residential areas become more built-up and industrial areas are moved out of town, and replaced with new builds, issues such as pollution, noise, and road congestion can be more impactful on the quality of life for all residents.

Developers of new sites have a multitude of issues to think about to make any one development a success including:

  • Character and setting, layout and plot sizes, house design, landscaping, open spaces, nearby industrial noise, roads and parking, and community safety, as well as the overall impression of the site.

This is what makes our timber barriers so appealing, especially so to housebuilders; not only do they reduce noise but the other benefits such as their aesthetics and high-security profile provide much more inherent value than a normal garden fence. The value of this type of fencing has become apparent to both residential and commercial markets including those specifying for new build developments.

One such development in Sittingbourne, Kent alongside a busy B road with major transport links and adjacent to a busy industrial park and even a raised narrow gauge heritage railway, decided to implement a Jakoustic® acoustic barrier system, separating the main road and industrial noise and improving views from the new housing being built.


Originally the site was part of the industrial side of the town and housed a manufacturing and storage plant with chain link fencing. When the site was closed and new residential development started, the site was enveloped by temporary board fencing which was neither secure nor attractive. This new development located next to a main busy B road in Sittingbourne needed a permanent fencing solution which had good aesthetics, reduced noise, improved privacy, and increased security as specified in planning documents. A large run of Jakoustic Commercial and Highway Reflective acoustic fencing was installed on the perimeter next to the road to mitigate as much noise as possible. This was also opposite a number of noise sources such as an industrial estate (electronics recycling facility and other services), an elevated railway line, and close to and leading up to a large roundabout with junctions as well as the main road itself.

The barrier itself provided segregation between the main road and the smaller development roads, as the houses were built outward facing towards the main road. This allows the barriers to reflect the noise back into the open area, reducing the noise by as much as 28dB. While the natural timber façade not only complements the design of the many varieties of new builds aesthetically, it also provides an additional means of security and privacy. The sectioning off of the development also cuts down on pollution from traffic, by means of a large physical barrier, and can reduce congestion from cars on the main road taking shortcuts as visibility to the small roads within the development is impaired.

Due to the nature of the interlocking V tongue and groove boards, gaps in the acoustic barrier are practically eliminated which is what makes them so effective at noise reduction but also provides a robust, durable structure as this fencing is a lot denser than a normal timber fence. With an anti-climb, solid construction and the overall height being taller than your average garden fence, it is also a secure and safe perimeter solution which keeps young children and pets from wandering into danger.

When looking at specifying acoustic barriers for a site we always suggest a noise engineer or acoustic consultant surveys the area and if possible, choose fencing with a long guarantee such as our 25-year guarantee

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  • Jakoustic® Commercial and Highway Reflective
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