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Nestled in the heart of Kent, Tonbridge School is an esteemed independent school renowned for its rich history and academic excellence. The school administration, always proactive in ensuring the safety and security of its students and staff, decided it was time to enhance security and access control in the grounds. Their vision was clear: a secure environment that seamlessly blended with the school’s traditional aesthetics. To bring this vision to life, they turned to Jacksons Fencing, a trusted name in security and fencing solutions, who have been working with the school for over five years.

The project began with a detailed consultation and site survey, where the team from Jacksons Fencing assessed the unique challenges and requirements of the site. The school needed robust solutions to control vehicle access, ensuring only authorised vehicles could enter the Sports Centre car park and playing fields. Additionally, any installations had to complement the historical architecture and picturesque surroundings of the school. After discussing the requirements, the school decided upon a strategy of school access control measures involving height restriction barriers, automatic rising bollards, and timber post and rail fencing.

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The Maxhite height restriction barrier was installed at the Sports Centre car park entrance. Designed to restrict access based on vehicle height, this school access control measure is a simple way to enforce regulations and provide information to larger vehicles. The barrier, which can be opened when necessary, instantly redirects larger vehicles to other areas of the site, while at the same time preventing delays to authorised vehicles. The posts of the barriers were polyester powder coated black, providing a smart appearance and enabling the yellow top section of the barrier to stand out even in dull weather conditions. Constructed from hot dip galvanised steel, these barriers are not only built for longevity but also require minimal maintenance, ensuring long-term reliability.

Automatic bollards

Strategically placed at the access point to the school sports field, our automatic rising bollard provided flexible control over vehicle entry while ensuring pedestrian safety. The bollard, made from high-strength materials, withstand continuous use and are durable in all weather conditions. Their remote control and automatic operation integrated seamlessly with the school’s existing security and access control system for buildings at the school. The safety mechanisms built into the bollards ensure that they operate smoothly and quietly without posing any risk to pedestrians or vehicles.

Demarcation fencing

To provide demarcation around the car parks and preserve the luscious green spaces on site, we installed 68 metres of traditional timber post and rail fencing. The square nailed post and rail fencing, crafted from high-quality timber which is treated and guaranteed to provide longevity, adds a touch of rustic charm next to the modern school access control measures. The design was carefully chosen to harmonise with the historic architecture of Tonbridge School, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the grounds. Despite its simple and timeless appearance, the fencing is robust and durable, and along with the other school access control measures, comes with our 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack.

Once the installations were in place, rigorous testing was conducted to guarantee optimal performance and adherence to safety standards. Training sessions were also provided for the school’s security personnel, ensuring they were well-equipped to operate and maintain the new systems.

The outcome of the project was a resounding success. Tonbridge School now boasts improved security with enhanced control over vehicle access, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorised entry. The installations have seamlessly blended with the school’s historic environment, maintaining its charm and character. The automated systems have introduced operational efficiency, allowing for smooth and controlled access for authorised vehicles. Moreover, the use of high-quality materials and construction methods ensured that the installations will perform reliably for years to come.

This project stands as a testament to Jacksons Fencing’s commitment to delivering tailored security solutions to both modern and traditional educational facilities, meeting the unique needs of our clients, combining functionality, aesthetics, and durability in perfect harmony.

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